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Gary Burger settled Rebecca and Joshua Aubuchon v. Arthur Casey, a medical malpractice case in the City of St. Louis, Missouri. We pursued this case because Dr. Casey violently yanked and pulled on Joshua during delivery. The nurses immediately noted Joshua’s left arm was not moving properly. The family learned later that Joshua had suffered a brachial plexus injury at birth. This occurs when a delivering obstetrician pulls too hard and too long on a baby after the child’s head is delivered. The shoulder is lodged against the pelvic bone and cannot easily clear it. If a doctor pulls too hard and doesn’t patiently use proper birthing techniques, the child’s shoulders pull away from the baby’s neck and an injury to the nerves occur. Joshua had great medical attention after the birth. But, he will never have real use of his left arm. Gary caught Dr. Casey playing games on his medical records by not putting in entries and some other issues. We were able to work out a complicated settlement, and got Joshua all the money available to him on the doctor’s insurance policy. We cannot divulge the amount of the settlement because of confidentially provisions in the settlement agreement.

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