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This review is different perhaps than most. Burger Law represented my father David Maune about two years ago. Dad had hired Mark Cantor Law Firm originally, but they were terrible and my dad fire them after just three or four months.

He interviewed many new attorneys after that and came across Gary Burger. I was taking care of dad then, moved in with him to help and saw firsthand everything and on that day of the meeting with Gary Burger, I drove dad there and waited in the parking lot. An hour later dad gets into the passenger side and tells me he feels good about this company and decided to go with them. Like true to his personality though dad expressed, “I like what they say, now let’s see what they do.”

Well, they do Great!” The case was settled in dads favor just six months later and from what I’ve heard that’s amazing fast. But more importantly, to me, witnessing everything dad went through physically and emotionally… they were there for him and represented him so well that at home I could see dad’s mountain of stress just melt away from beginning to end.

This case has been settled for a year now and I still feel thankful for Gary Burger Law and the job they did for dad. My dad is my hero and I just wanted to express my gratitude to a company that made a tuff time in our lives less tuff. Of course it goes without saying that we would recommend Burger Law.

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