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I represented Brad in his car accident claim. Brad was hit by a truck that swerved and crossed over the center-line into oncoming traffic and hit Brad head on. Brad had a passenger in his car and both were hurt pretty bad.

Head on Collision Car Accident Lawyer St. Louis

Head on Collision Car Accident Lawyer St. Louis - Personal Injury Lawyer St. Louis

Brad hurt his knee, ankle, and chest in the accident. He went to the ER and did physical therapy. His lingering issue was a left Achilles tendon strain and left ankle instability. His surgeon recommended Brad undergo a left ankle arthroscopy with debridement and left ankle Bostrom procedure.

Brad also had significant back pain that was not subsiding with conservative treatment. His pain was constant and it would wake him up in the middle of the night. Brad eventually underwent injections to eliminate the pain.

We fought for Brad against the insurance company. We first demanded the full policy limits. Brad had significant medical damage and would need future care from his injuries.

The insurance company wouldn’t pay the limits so we filed suit and litigated it. We keep going till we persuade them of the wisdom of our position.

We eventually recovered $100,000 for Brad to cover his medical treatment and bills. But that was not where we stopped. We helped Brad, as we help all our clients, reduce his liens. I have done other blogs about how we are so successful in reducing liens — check it out here.

When clients have significant injuries and bills but the liable party doesn’t have enough insurance to cover it, our office helps reduce liens under the Missouri Statute for our clients.

I got to talk with Brad about his experience and how we were able to help him out. Check out the video below.

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