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Our client, Jason, was a front seat passenger in his friend’s vehicle while traveling eastbound on Highway 70 in Lafayette County, Missouri. They were towing a vehicle behind them when another vehicle, also traveling eastbound on Highway 70, struck the towed vehicle. This violent collision caused the towed vehicle to separate from the vehicle in which Jason was a passenger.

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Jason suffered severe injuries as a result of this collision, including injuries to his neck, back, head, and both shoulders. Jason underwent conservative medical treatment, incurring $6,492.50 in bills. He also needs a future surgery which is estimated around $42,000. Due to his injuries, Jason has been unable to return to work since this accident in June 2016. Therefore, he has extensive wage loss damages.

The insurance company initially refused to give Jason a fair settlement, so we filed suit. As the suit progressed, we completed discovery and Jason gave his deposition. The defendant did not do either of those. Eventually, the matter was set for mediation.

During mediation, we presented the evidence and legal reasons why our client was entitled to a substantial settlement. At the end of it all, we obtained a $90,000 settlement for our client.

We are proud of the work we did for Jason and the great result we achieved.

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