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Our client was injured the beginning of February 2016 while traveling on Graham Rd. She was traveling in the far-right lane when she slowed and stopped her vehicle for traffic ahead.

The Defendant was traveling behind her and at the last minute attempted to change lanes to the far-right lane and violently collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle.

The rear portion of the vehicle was destroyed, and the vehicle was totaled.

Our client suffered severe injuries to her head, neck and back. After an MRI, an orthopedic surgeon found our client had a herniated disc at C5-6 as well as encroachment on her nerve root multilevel disc degeneration, and posterior protrusion.

The MRI of the shoulder revealed a full-thickness tear of her rotator cuff and a 5 mm tendon retraction. A Wash U surgeon did a rotator cuff tear repair and tendon retraction.

In total, our client had $50,000 in medical bills. We demanded the policy limits but never received a response from the insurance company. We had to file suit, take depositions, and even had the case close to trial before the policy limit offer came to the table.

The insurance company blamed her injuries on degeneration rather than the accident. We were happy we could help our client and fight the insurance company for the policy limits.

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