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$150,000 for Injured Worker in Longshore Act Case

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Gary Burger settled a case for a client who was injured when he pulled on a rope while working on a barge on the Mississippi river. We initially pursued the case as a Jones Act case, but were unsuccessful. We converted the case to a Longshore Act case and pursued it in Federal Administrative Procedure. We mediated the case and were able to take care of any liens or other obligations he owed in the case and on top of that we were able to secure a settlement of $150,000.

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“Gary and his team provided us with effective, efficient and highly professional service. Gary provides sound advice and is a trustworthy and ethical attorney. I highly recommend the team!”

David and Fran Schneider

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$150,000 for Injured Worker in Longshore Act Case


Gary Burger settled a case for a client who was injured when he pulled on ...

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