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Posted in Uncategorized on April 25, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

When to Settle your Car Crash Claim Pt. IX

Have you consulted with a legal expert before signing a release so you can fully know your rights and the potential recovery you have?

You should if it’s more than just a minor claim.  Even call the lawyer up and ask him a question.  Most of us will answer these questions over the phone for free.  If you sign a release you give up your claim forever and cannot sue again or recover anything else from the defendant.  You cannot settle and then get more money for medical bills, wage loss and/or future damages. This your only recovery and that if you sign a release you can never get any additional money for your injuries or damages.  There are many other reasons to consult counsel.  The main ones are if your damages are significant enough that a lawyer could add value to your case or if the insurance company is taking unfair positions.  Lawyers should quickly answer these questions and advise if it makes sense to hire them.