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Posted in Car Accidents on January 13, 2015   |  by Gary Burger

Southern Illinois Truck Accident Case Settles for $305,000

I am thrilled to have recently settled a truck/auto collision case in Southern Illinois. My three clients were husband and wife and grandmother in a car that was hit by a tractor trailer truck. They were traveling from a family dinner and proceeding northbound on Route 3 in Waterloo, Illinois.

As they approached an intersection, a truck was making a local delivery at night and made a left hand turn directly in front of them. My client Len did not have time to stop and skidded into the front of the tractor trailer. A photograph of the accident is posted above.

The truck driver did not get out of his vehicle, apologize, or even speak to my clients. Instead, he called his headquarters and within a half hour, had a lawyer and a claim agent at the scene taking statements and pictures. So, when we say that trucking companies, insurance companies, or big corporations are working immediately against you on these cases, we are not exaggerating.

The trucking company’s lawyer came to the scene and took photos of my clients being taken away in the ambulance -- that is how quickly they were at the scene. They were transported to St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Len and Alline treated for a period of time for soft tissue injuries, but Sharon had a broken bone in her hand. She then had reflex sympatric dystrophy and ongoing problems with the case. We successfully settled all three cases after extensive litigation which included mediation for Sharon’s case. We are happy to get a total of $305,000 for a broken bone in a hand and soft tissue injuries.

We also got $10,000 for each of them in medical payment coverage from their own insurance companies. We were happy to put our clients first and get these results. If we can help you, a family member, or loved one in a case, please give us a call at (314) 542-2222.