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Burger Law fights abusers, attackers, rapists and the companies, hotels, schools, churches, and institutions that protect them or permit these assaults to happen. Our St Louis sexual assault lawyers know what it is like to stand side by side with survivors, and have years of experience getting justice for sexually abused or sexually assaulted victims. For information on the steps involved with filing an injury claim, call and schedule a consultation today.

Sexual Assault Claims

Sexual Abuse is not bound by location, socioeconomics, race, status, age or gender. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. Burger Law is here to help. We’re not just a law firm. We’re your partners in moving forward. Our sexual assault attorneys in St Louis have extensive experience in working with survivors of sexual assault in order to help them to navigate through the difficult, emotional experience. We have attorneys who are specifically trained in a victim-centered approach to litigation. We work to ensure that the legal process is not re-victimizing and that survivors are empowered throughout the process. If you or your child is assaulted at a hotel, a church, at school, or anywhere else, call our lawyers for advice.

If business managers, church personnel or school administrators knew, or should have known (by doing background checks or calling references) that the abuser was dangerous before he came into contact with you, they are responsible. If you believe you have a case like this, call us. Also, if abusers have insurance or large assets that can compensate you for your losses, call us.

If you are sexually abused make sure you do the following:

  • Call the police as soon as possible
  • Go to the hospital for help -time is critical in gathering evidence in your case
  • If you believe that someone drugged you against your will– tell hospital personnel immediately.

If you have a child who discloses to you that he or she has been sexually abused:

  • DON’T PANIC. This will probably be the hardest piece of advice to follow, but please, keep as calm as possible under the circumstances so that you can get to the next steps.
  • Call the police as soon as possible
  • Go to the hospital for help -time is critical in gathering evidence in your case
  • Ask for an interview for your child at your local child advocacy center. Child Advocacy Centers employ interviewers who are specifically trained to interview children and to build rapport with them in order to make the setting more comfortable. They are also trained to avoid asking leading questions in the interview so as to avoid suggesting information to your child.

Our St Louis Sexual Assault Lawyers Will Fight For You

Fighting for crime victims is important to us. Our St Louis sexual assault attorneys fight to empower people and we stand up to criminals and bullies. We seek justice for survivors by filing lawsuits against perpetrators and the institutions that protect perpetrators.

Civil lawsuits seek money damages that are necessary for the care and recovery that a survivor needs. Lawsuits are also the only way to make people, corporations, schools, churches, and organizations work to protect people from the perpetrators that they employ. We work hard to ensure that if a person is abused, raped, or assaulted that person can recover, and also that the perpetrator is never able to harm again. We further stand strong against the institutions that failed to protect the people so that they make changes to ensure safety in the future.

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