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Extending from the brainstem to the lower back, the spinal cord consists of small parts called vertebrae which—along with the brain—compose the central nervous system. The spinal cord contains a variety of nerves that are responsible for controlling bodily movements and sensations. Unfortunately, due to its important role in day-to-day functioning, the outcome of injury sustained to the spinal cord can be devastating for the afflicted individual.

If you suffered a spinal cord injury that someone else is responsible for, you may be able to obtain financial compensation with help from a St. Louis spinal cord injury lawyer. A capable personal injury attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Side Effects of a Spinal Cord Injury

After sustaining a spinal cord injury, many individuals find they are unable to live a normal life. This can be remarkably distressing for a person who was previously able to work and take care of themselves, but must now seek continuous medical care due to the devastating impact of an injury.

Spinal cord injuries can cause any or several of the following medical conditions:

  • Inability to control bladder and bowels
  • Difficulty regulating body temperature and blood pressure
  • Poor resistance to respiratory illnesses and infections
  • Chronic pain
  • Full or partial paralysis

Such medical conditions can leave a person in need of lifelong medical care, which can be remarkably expensive. Individuals with spinal cord injuries also generally have shorter lifespans and are more prone to major depressive disorder than non-injured individuals.

Complete vs. Partial Paralysis

Spinal cord injuries, especially severe ones, may result in paralysis. Paralysis is the inability to use limbs and can be either full or partial. The extent of paralysis a person experiences will depend on which part of their spinal cord sustains damage.

If a person loses the ability to control any part of their body below the spinal cord injury, they will suffer from complete paralysis. If they only lose function in the affected area, they will only suffer from partial paralysis. Complete paralysis can cause a person to become dependent on others for help and may leave them unable to work or perform day-to-day tasks. A St. Louis spinal cord injury lawyer could help an individual pursue financial compensation for their injuries, lessening their financial burden.

How Can a St. Louis Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Help?

It is normal to feel angry, powerless and confused after a spinal cord injury, but there are ways to hold the person responsible for the injury accountable. By working with an experienced St. Louis spinal cord injury lawyer, injured individuals could increase their chances of obtaining financial compensation for their pain and suffering.

An experienced attorney could work closely with the neurosurgeons, rehabilitative doctors, and therapists treating the injured person to compile important information relevant to their case. The court may then use this information to determine what the long-term prognosis of the injured person will be. Once they are able, injured individuals should consult an attorney who knows how to handle spinal cord injury cases to begin this process.

No one should be left to deal with the financial and emotional fallout of an accident they did not cause, and everyone living with a spinal cord injury should be aware of their legal options. Call a lawyer today for a free consultation.

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