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Burger Law Testimonials

St. Louis Missouri attorney Gary Burger and his team at Burger Law have a well deserved track record. Not only are they Board Certified, Superlawyers, and AV Rates, and award winning lawyers, but they have helped thousands of injured people get great settlements and trial victories. They have over 90 Google reviews on Google and are well rated on Avvo, and other venues. What follows is a collection of testimonials and reviews of Burger Law attorneys and paralegals:

Case Review for Burger Law

Genavieve recently obtained a $100K policy limits settlement for our client in a car accident case after the insurance company initially denied the claim completely. Ultimately, the insurance companies determined each driver bore some comparative fault, and both drivers collected the full limits of each other’s policies.

Our client was stopped at a stop sign, and then as she proceeded to turn into the right lane, another driver abruptly and improperly crossed over two lanes of traffic striking our client’s vehicle.

The other driver’s insurance company denied our claim completely, contending that our client was 100% negligent for failing to yield, keep a careful lookout, and avoid causing a collision.

From Complete Denial to $100K Policy Limits Settlement | St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers | Auto Accident Law Firm Missouri and Illinois | Personal Injury Attorney Near Me

In response, we asserted our client had already stopped at the stop sign and ensured the lane was clear. The police report corroborated that it was the other driver who struck our client and noted “improper lane usage” as a probable contributing circumstance. We maintained that the insurance company’s denial of liability for this claim contrary to the evidence constituted bad faith. They still refused to pay.

The other driver retained an attorney and filed a claim against our client as well, but we were not deterred. Once we had obtained all of our client’s medical records, we sent a statutory bad faith demand letter pursuant to RSMo. § 537.058. It is our understanding that the other driver’s attorney submitted a bad-faith demand letter to our client’s insurance company as well.

Both drivers sustained serious injuries in the crash. Our client incurred $37K in medical bills and her MRI’s revealed neck and back disc bulges. After a lot of persistence, the insurance companies determined that both parties were comparatively at fault, but because of the severity of the injuries, they ultimately paid the full policy limits to both drivers.

In Missouri, comparative negligence reduces the value of a claim, but does not prevent someone from obtaining any recovery. For example, if the insurance company thought our client’s case was worth $150K, but she was 33% at-fault and the other driver was 66% at fault, then our client’s case would still be worth the $100k policy limits.

$150K – (1/3 fault or $50k) = $100K

Dealing with insurance companies is often a battle, but we are willing to take on that fight.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

You often see bumper stickers imploring drivers to “start seeing motorcycles.” Unfortunately, all too often we hear about motorcycle accidents caused by drivers failing to keep a careful lookout. Burger Law handles all types of motorcycle accident cases, and last week Attorney Michael Sheldon obtained a policy limits settlement for our client, Verna.

Verna was riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle. As her husband had a green traffic arrow and was turning left, another driver improperly attempted to merge into the turn lane. Verna’s husband had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision, which caused the motorcycle to nosedive and fall to the road on its left side. Verna fractured her ankle in the accident.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company initially only accepted 50% liability, claiming that because there was no contact between the vehicles, Verna’s husband was half at fault for the crash. We disputed this, arguing to the insurance adjuster that regardless of contact, the other driver was fully at fault because he improperly attempted to merge into the turn lane at the last minute and blocked the driving path of Verna’s husband.

After fighting the insurance company on liability, we were able to secure a full policy limits settlement of $100K for Verna. This case is another example of why it is important to hire abn attorney when an insurance company refuses to accept liability or offer a fair amount of money to fully compensate you for your injuries. We take pride in fighting for our clients, and we were happy to get Verna the compensation she deserved.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

This was a zero-offer case until we litigated and pushed the case right up to trial. We refused to take anything less than the full insurance policy limits.

We represented a great guy, Randal Henry, in a personal injury claim for a motor vehicle crash. The Defendant was traveling Northbound on Highway 67 and McDonnell Boulevard when he crashed at a really high rate of speed into the rear of Mr. Henry’s car. Randy was travelling the same direction and was at almost a complete stop to turn into his work when he was rear ended. Randy’s truck was totaled and was pushed forward, onto the side of the road and over a fire hydrant.

The impact knocked Randy unconscious and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He had bleeding on his brain and a headache in this closed head injury. He also had neck pain, lower back pain and bilateral rib pain with associated bilateral toe numbness.

Mr. Henry continued his treatment with various physicians for a subarachnoid hemorrhage, cognitive defects, traumatic brain injury, cervicalgia, and tinnitus. As a result of the traumatic brain injury that Mr. Henry sustained in this collision, he underwent extensive cognitive therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

He has been unable to work since the incident. He was forced to terminate his employment from his job of 32 years as he could not work (and the corona pandemic affected the business). Randy’s doctors did not think he can return to gainful employment.

In July 2020 our office made a $1M policy limit demand and filed a lawsuit in St. Louis County. We litigated the case, completed written discovery and took party depositions. This case was set for trial on October 24, 2022 in St. Louis County.

In May 2022, we received an offer of the $1M policy limits. However, at the same time we were informed there was an additional $1M umbrella policy. So our demand became $2M. We prepared for trial and were offered the full limits about 2 months from trial.

Randy, thank you for letting us fight on your behalf.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

Our client’s sister was returning home from walking her two Pomeranians (on leashes) when the neighbor’s Pit Bull/Dalmatian mix escaped from its home, charged onto her sister’s property, and attacked her sister’s dog, Ralphie.

As our client tried to separate the dogs, the neighbor’s dog bit her hand. Even though our client only had $3,500 in medical charges, she suffered nerve damage in her hand that could not be fixed without the risk of further complications.

The insurance company disputed liability and blamed our client for breaking up the dog fight. He claimed she should have just stood by and watched her sister’s dog get viciously attacked. They refused to make a reasonable offer, so we filed suit.

The case was mediated at the request of the insurance company, however, they still offered less than $10K, so we walked out. That evening, Genavieve sent a letter to the defendant saying that Plaintiff’s demand to settle the case for $75K would remain open for two weeks, after which time it would be revoked and we would go forward with trial.

Somewhat to our surprise, within the two weeks, the defendant offered the full $75K demanded, without attempting to negotiate.

The vast majority of my cases settle in mediation, but sometimes, when you know what your case is worth, you have to walk away. That is what we did here, and it paid off.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

One of the reasons our clients hire us is because we stand up to insurance companies that try to significantly underpay for injuries caused by their insureds’ negligence. Recently we had the pleasure of representing Nichole, who sustained serious neck and lower-back injuries in a three-car rear end collision.

Prior to the car accident, Nichole had a history of lower back problems which required her to have spinal fusion surgery and regularly treat with a pain management doctor. The collision greatly exacerbated her lower-back injury and caused a new neck injury.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company used Nichole’s pre-existing back condition to try to get out of fully compensating her for her injuries. Prior to litigation, they offered her just under $11K for settlement, claiming much of her medical treatment was for her prior injury.

Insurance companies often highly undervalue injury claims where our client had preexisting injuries. We handle many of these cases and are willing to litigate all the way through trial to ensure our clients get the compensation they deserve.

In Nichole’s case, we filed suit, engaged in extensive written-discovery and took depositions of the at-fault driver and several of Nichole’s medical providers. All along the way the insurance company denied the cause and extent of Nichole’s injuries, and the driver who caused the collision even denied fault for the accident.

We were able to secure great testimony from Nichole’s treating doctors as to the cause and extent of her injuries resulting from the crash. With the trial date quickly approaching, the insurance company offered the full policy limits of $250K.

It was an honor fighting for Nichole and helping her get the compensation she deserved.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

Would you file an insurance claim or lawsuit against a friend or family member if you were seriously injured?

It is not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable with the idea initially. However, someone must be responsible for paying medical bills and other expenses, and why should this burden fall on the person who has already suffered the physical pain of injury, rather than the person who was at fault?

Or, which is more unfair: a negligent person’s insurance premiums going up a small percentage a year, or an injured person being on the hook for over hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages?

Keep in mind, nearly all claims Burger Law files involve insurance companies who pay the damages, rather than the individual. This is why insurance exists.

Genavieve’s client was a passenger in a Utility Terrain Vehicle, or UTV, driven by an acquaintance. The driver attempted to make a sharp turn at a high rate of speed on a decline, causing the UTV to flip.

Our client’s seatbelt was fastened, but when the vehicle rolled over, other passengers landed on top of him, crushing his arm.

Our client required an open reduction internal fixation surgery along with a second surgery to decompress his ulnar nerve from internal scarring.

Initially, our client was hesitant to pursue a claim against a friend. However, he had a very difficult recovery and his medical bills were piling up, so ultimately he called Burger Law.

Discovering all applicable insurance coverage in cases involving UTVs, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles can be a challenge, as they are usually excluded from typical car insurance policies. Sometimes, they are covered by homeowners’ policies. In this case, the UTV had its own separate State Farm policy with $50K policy limits.

For months, the adjuster insisted that was the only applicable coverage. Genavieve did not like that answer, and so she called around until she could get a different person at State Farm.

Ultimately, Genavieve obtained the UTV owner’s homeowners’ policy, and sure enough, it provided for much more in coverage limits.

Fortunately, Genavieve’s persistence paid off and she was able to obtain a $300K settlement for her client.

Personal Injury Attorneys St. Louis and Chicago | Auto Accident Law Firm Near Me

Personal Injury Attorneys St. Louis and Chicago | Auto Accident Law Firm Near Me

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

The devastating impact of personal injury accidents often extends beyond the physical injuries and mounting medical bills. They are more than just an inconvenience.

Many of our clients miss time from work and temporarily lose the ability to provide for their families. Recoupment of lost wages is another component of damages that Burger Law will seek when handling your case.

Genavieve recently obtained a $50,000 policy limits settlement for our client who sustained injuries when struck by a car as a pedestrian.

Our client was exiting Ameristar Casino as the at-fault driver was attempting to enter the parking area. The at-fault driver was denied access through the parking lot gate and reversed his vehicle, striking our client.

Our client suffered from neck, back and shoulder strains, and incurred $15,000 in medical charges. In addition to his medical expenses, he also lost wages as a result of the at-fault driver’s negligence.

He was working as a photographer who does portrait photography, weddings, and photo shoots of homes for a real estate company. Because of his severe pain, he had to cancel several appointments and shoots.

He lost clients, business relationships, and future business opportunities as well.

We were able to produce voicemails and text messages proving our client’s future missed job opportunities, which added significant value to his claim.

If you are ever in an accident and miss work, it is important to keep any evidence you have to corroborate your losses, even if they are casual text messages, calendar entries, email reservations, or voicemails.

Luckily our client is on the mend, and the $50,000 settlement he received will go a long way in making up for the work that he lost.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

Genavieve recently obtained a $25,000 policy limits settlement for our client in a minor car accident case after the insurance company initially denied the claim completely.

The accident was a hit-and-run, but our client was able to obtain the driver’s license plate and track him down.

However, his insurance company asserted that its insured’s vehicle did not make contact with our client’s vehicle at all based upon the at-fault driver’s own statement and photos of the property damage.

This became a classic “he-said, she-said” scenario.

After doing some digging, Genavieve and her client discovered that the at-fault driver had a loooooong criminal record, with over 34 misdemeanor charges and a suspended license.

We sent a second bad faith letter demanding the policy limits and attached a printout of the driver’s public criminal history. We pointed out that their insured was not credible considering his track record.

In response, the insurance company changed its position and offered the full $25,000 policy limits to settle our client’s claim. She only had $2,580 in paid medical charges, and is thrilled with the result.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

I recently had the pleasure of representing hundreds of correctional officers in a collective action under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

We filed the case in federal court alleging the employer required my clients to perform pre- and post-shift duties off-the-clock without pay. Here's a link to our website page with the class action notice.

We represented about 350 officers at four prisons where Management Training Corporation was hired to provide prison staffing.

We litigated this case for over half a year conducting written discovery. We then requested that the Court stay litigation and allow the parties to mediate the case.

Before mediation, we distributed an online survey to the hundreds of correctional officers asking what pre- and post-shift duties they performed and how much time it took. We also hired an expert statistician to calculate the damages of the class.

After all this work, we were able to successfully mediate the case. We were honored to represent the correctional officers and proud to get a great settlement of $130,000!

Similar to our case in Missouri, corrections officers entering the correctional facilities where they work, and prior to proceeding to their work assignment posts, my clients were required to pass through security screenings, retrieve equipment including handcuffs and pepper spray, verify their identity, receive job assignments, pass through security gates, walk to their post and receive a pass down briefing from the prior shift.

They were also required to do much of this activity after leaving their posts.

The FLSA requires that employees be paid at least the federal minimum wage for all hours worked and overtime pay at not less than one and one-half times the regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 hours in a workweek.

In addition, under the continuous workday rule, compensation is required from the first work-related activity through the last, even if activities in between might not otherwise be compensable.

We alleged that pre- and post-shift duties are integral and indispensable to correctional officers’ primary job duties and therefore compensable.

The damages and recovery in this case was limited because MTC stopped its practice of not paying for pre and post shift work after we filed suit.

And they had a good argument that they should not have their damages doubled as they had a district court ruling approving their conduct. But that decision was reversed in 10th Circuit Federal appellate court ruling. Here's a link to that decision.

5 / 5 stars

Case Review for Burger Law

Genavieve recently obtained a $90,000 car accident settlement for our client arising from a crash in Marion, Illinois. The at-fault driver only had $25,000 in coverage, so we were able to secure that compensation and obtain an additional $65,000 through our client’s underinsured policy.

As is typical in Illinois, the UIM policy’s $100,000 limits were reduced by the $25,000 paid by the at-fault driver, so there was actually only $75,000 in additional coverage available.

Our client had $12,000 in outstanding medical bills, so she is thrilled with the result.

5 / 5 stars

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