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Posted in Car Accidents on May 29, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

There is not a better attorney than Gary

I hired Gary a little over two years ago for my case. My son and I were stopped in traffic due to all lanes being closed from another accident. It was March and I had my window cracked, I heard medical responders from the accident start yelling. When I looked in my mirror to see why they were yelling I saw a car speeding up behind me while looking at the other accident. There was nothing to do at that time except hit the brakes and put my arm in front of my son. She hit my truck and her car was totaled. I hired Gary two days later. I was instantly impressed just from our phone conversation. And his team quickly started working on my case. Brian, Casey and Gary were amazing they were professional, punctual and made a bad course of meeting in to something enjoyable. I had a herniated disc due to the accident and was swollen, numb, uncomfortable and in pain daily for almost a year and a half. Casey took care of everything with my doctors if there was an issue, I called her and she took care of it for me. I had a million questions throughout the process and called at least once a week. Gary returned my phone calls with an hour every time, and if he could not he made sure Brian or Casey could. The other insurance did not want to pay out towards anything other then the medical, they started off at $22,000 then went up to $23,000. After over a year they went up to $41,000 Gary told me if they did not come up to at least the minimum he wanted that we would go to trial, he called me one day later and was able to receive an additional $20,000 on top of the previous and we took it. My experience was fantastic and there is not better attorney then Gary, a better team then Gary, Casey and Brian and no better law firm in Missouri to work with. Thanks guys for all the help Brian