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Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

The McCloskeys: A Bad Faith Claim?

Are the McCloskeys in Bad Faith When They Claim?

Below is a list of statements the McCloskeys are claiming to support their actions:

  • Democrats want to "abolish the suburbs" when they live in the heart of the City.
  • They are victims and thrust in the spotlight when they seek this attention, do "scores" of interviews and speak at the RNC convention.
  • They are fighting for the Second Amendment when the gun Patricia used was an exhibit from one of their cases against a gun manufacturer.
  • They are victims and do not want attention while being needlessly aggressive in multiple interviews and the national political stage. Their lawyer, Albert Watkins, says they "will not shake like small dogs passing razor blades." Is that a phrase I have not heard of?
  • The marchers were "an out of control mob" when videos disprove that, and other neighbors signed a petition supporting BLM and gave water to marchers.
  • They were threatened on their property when the marchers included kids, grandparents, and our new congress woman, and no one looked like they were on their property or threatened them. This march did not seem to turn violent at all.
  • The marchers were led by a "Marxist liberal activist" referring to our new congresswoman, who is just not an angry radical or a danger.
  • They say all this, but also claim they supported Black Lives Matter causes.
  • “No matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America.”

Is their portrayal honest or trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, stir up racial animus or feed into a portrayal of all protests as violent and threatening?

To borrow the bad faith definition from our page on bad faith claims by insurance companies, are they showing intentional disregard of fair facts in the hope of escaping the responsibility imposed in them by their oath as lawyers or fundamental fairness?

You can probably tell what I think. A lot of lawyers get asked about the McCloskeys. Can we bill them our time for answering? Class action? What about their neighbors?

I am all for protecting property, but this seems silly, contrived, and conflated well beyond what occurred with political agendas. They live in the Central West End near the mayor (where the marchers were going) - not in some compound in Idaho.

Will they sue me for asking this? They have sued a lot of folks and seem like aggressive people - even to bees. Here's a link to the most read and downloaded Post-Dispatch article ever about their lawsuits.