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Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

The Shark

Nick Bartosik reviews Burger Law and The Shark -

I was on very uncertain footing with a previous law firm and found myself doing most of the leg work and receiving poor legal advise. I had little to no contact with my actual attorney and when i did need to speak to someone (paralegal or otherwise), it would take AT LEAST 24 hours to get back to me...i'm sure you've seen their commercials.
Not at Burger Law. That stuff doesn't fly. When i call, Casey, my paralegal, answers the phone, "Hey Nick, what's up?" It feels like i'm calling my friend to catch her up with up with my crazy life. I haven't confirmed it yet, but fairly confident that she is just Superwoman hiding in plain sight. i haven't seen her cape yet, so i can't be 100% sure, but she does seem to fly around the office getting all sorts of stuff done faster than a speeding bullet. How's that saying go? "Beside every great man, there is a woman."

From the moment i talked to Gary Burger though, an enormous weight was lifted off of my chest and i felt as if for the first time in months i was finally able to breath. Just the other day i updated Gary's contact info in my phone. Now, I just have him in there as "The Shark" which sounds really cool when i'm in public and I ask Siri to call "The Shark."

In all seriousness though, since Burger Law has taken the reigns, I don't spend my days worrying about what's going to happen with my case. i know that Burger Law is going to have my back. I have been able to rest easy in knowing that things are going to be okay in the end and if things aren't okay, then it's not the end.