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Posted in In the community on October 24, 2019   |  by Gary Burger

The State is doubling down on their bad decision

The State is installing timeclocks at its prisons - but not at the front door of prisons. Here's from the article:

“What they’re doing instead is putting these timeclocks back in the bowels of the institution,” Burger said.

Instead of one timeclock at each prison, the Missouri Corrections Officer Association said it could take as many as 25 to equip each post.

“It’s going to be another failed system,” said Gary Gross, an MCOA spokesman. “It’s going to have to be challenged. It does not comply with the court order, in our opinion.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Corrections has stopped talking about it ever since Fox 2 started keeping track of the interest that climbs by the second. Spokesperson Karen Pojmann has ignored questions about the timeclocks in July, again in September, and now this month, all while an appeals court just last week affirmed the court order and judgment.