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Posted in Personal Injury on June 2, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Three Everyday Objects That Could Force You to Call a Personal Injury Attorney This Summer

Many people know about holiday decoration injuries to avoid during the winter. For example, it's easy to get electrocuted with Christmas lights if they are improperly installed. Yet it's not only holiday decoration injuries you need to avoid during the summer -- there are other hazards out there even in everyday objects. Here are three things you need to be careful around this Summer season.

Few things are deemed more "American" than a backyard cookout on the grill, but safety should still be a priority for all who host such events. Always make sure to use safety around grills, whether they use propane or lighter fluid to get going. Never allow children to play too close to the grill, and don't leave them unattended, either. If a grill has a gas leak, make sure to get it repaired or replace the grill. In the event of a defective grill, you may need to work with a personal injury lawyer who specializes in defective product cases.

Many states outlaw fireworks for personal use, but that doesn't stop revelers on the Fourth of July. Fireworks -- even Roman candles or small novelty items -- should be left to professionals. If you are legally allowed to use fireworks, always keep them away from the house, and never point them at yourself or anyone else. Check the instructions or ask a vendor about how to use them, and if you're not sure what to do, avoid using them this summer. Going to a public fireworks display this summer? Make sure you stay clear of where firefighters are lighting them and watch from a safe distance. Just as you should be aware of holiday decoration injuries to avoid, safety around fireworks is also important even if you're not the one lighting them.

For boat and personal watercraft owners, one of the joys of summer is getting out onto the lake or ocean to take advantage of calm, open waters. Yet boating can present a number of hazards if done improperly, and personal watercraft items like jet-skis can be incredibly dangerous for those untrained to use them. These activities should always be done when the weather is clear and calm, and alcohol should never be involved. Just as auto accidents can kill more than 21,000 people annually, with 4,000 of these caused by trucks, boating accidents are also subject to fatalities. Drinking alcohol when operating a watercraft significantly increases the risk of hurting yourself or someone else.

If you or a family member are injured in one of the above incidents, make sure you have the best personal injury attorneys on your side, especially if an injury was caused by someone else. Additionally, many employers may also require employees to use grills or other items during the summer for workplace events, with or without establishing proper safety guidelines in the workplace. If you are injured in such an incident, you may be entitled to work with a personal injury attorney, especially if your employer doesn't answer a worker's compensation claim within 30 days and admits fault.

Above all, don't let yourself get punished for someone else's careless mistake this summer. Ask a personal injury lawyer about these incidents if you have any questions.