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Posted in Blog on September 13, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

Top Ten Reasons You Should Make Your Children Work at the Office

This post was written by Gary's daughter!

Top 10 Reasons YOU should make your children work at your office

Written by someone working at my dad's office!

  1. You can teach them about money management. Children like me spend their money on useless stuff if you show that they have to work for their money they won't waste it because they worked hard for it.
  2. You could pay them less. Your actual employees are professional who went through college and deserve to be paid a good amount for needs and wants, Your children are doing little jobs and can be paid less then your actual employees.
  3. You love your children. It is always fantastic to have quality time teaching your children about work,
  4. Your children want to get money. Rather than giving $10 to your child every time they ask for it, you should have them work for their money
  5. It shows your children what working in an office is like. Sometimes children will think about their future job and think, oh its just super fun working in the office you get to do fun thing every day! So you need to tech them working in an office or and job isn't going to be fun sometimes.
  6. Your children can see other professionals that inspire them and look up to them.
  7. It is also fun for your CHILDREN because they learn about what you do for a living. It is important for your children to know what you do everyday so maybe that will make a new level of respect and thankfulness.
  8. You can order them around to help you with your work. You can't really say to your employees or fellow employees to go get me a coffee or, give this to someone. With your children you can just tell them to do anything you want because you're paying them.
  9. Your co-workers will be happy to see your child. Everyone loves a little break from work to be with a child and have fun!
  10. It gets your child out of the house in summer and off their phones for a day. Now almost every child is just inside on their phones on a hot summer day instead they will get a break from technology and spend the day with you.

Thank you for reading this piece, I get paid $15 by hour for working at my fathers office.