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Posted in Law on April 28, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Top Video Conference Moments in the Last Month

The rapid advent of videoconferencing (for me) over the last month has been a game-changer. Here are my top 10 moments:

  1. Arguing to the Missouri Supreme Court last week over Webex. It was a challenge to argue to a camera instead of at a podium and looking at judges.
  2. Starting my Supreme Court argument with the mic off. Whoops. Thankfully they started my time when I started talking.
  3. Having a judge ask me a question with the mic off too.
  4. Not being able to find my timer on the video to see how much time I had left.
  5. At dinner with my family: right after I lament about the declining stock market, my brilliant son Jordan (graduating high school this year) casually mentions he bought zoom stock 4 weeks before the pandemic hit. Why didn't he tell me then?
  6. Seeing all my coworkers in zoom calls - and appreciating and missing them.
  7. Doing Zoom training of my employees. I have done two sessions where I am able to share my screen about how to work our case management system (Filevine) and intake system. I record the sessions on zoom for employees in the future.
  8. Having an employee who can never get Zoom to work and I only see his ceiling fan going round and round - even after mentioning it numerous times. I think he just sets his phone on his desk.
  9. Doing marathon zoom meetings to write and edit a 130 page Supreme Court brief and prepare for oral argument.
  10. Zooming with family members to catch up on their quarantine.

Here's a funny SNL skit on Zoom meetings: