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Posted in In the News on May 31, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Trial Lawyers

I am proud to be a St Louis trial lawyer.  Conservatives and advocates for insurance companies and huge corporations have spent millions of dollars denigrating trial lawyers in the last fifteen years.  They have changed public perception of Plaintiffs and trial lawyers from helping the little guy against the big corporations into being greedy, money hungry people just out for improper recovery.  The reality is that the former and the image that people have of trial lawyers naturally through reality.  It’s only with this twisted view and expensive marketing by these insurance companies that have changed public perception.

But they have been successful. Juries now are often jaded against the Plaintiffs.  They think if someone’s coming to Court for money they’re making it up or they want more than they’re entitled to.  The reality is that Plaintiff’s lawyers do work for the underrepresented and the unprivileged.  We battle huge insurance companies and huge corporations all the time.  They have a lot of money to pay their lawyers and pull any dirty trick in the book to prevent the Plaintiff from recovering.  In fact, it is difficult for the Plaintiff to recover.  To recover, a Plaintiff has to jump through many hoops in order to get a recovery and if any jump fails; there is no recovery.

Insurance companies and big corporations, on the other hand, post record profits, take the money from US taxpayers and government bailouts and tax credits all the time and use any means at their disposal to increase the pay to their top executives and the corporate elite. Workers wages are at the lowest point in 40 years in America.  These days for a family of four to survive both parents have to work and sometimes work two jobs.  Remember that a lawyer can only get enough money to compensate an injured individual in a jury trial.  Not to bring the lottery but to compensate them for the harm that has been caused to them by the negligence of others.  And, we’re only getting this money from insurance companies.  Their job is to spread the red and to take premiums and spread the risk among all individuals.

Is anybody really seeing our insurance rates go down?  The answer is no, whether it be medical malpractice insurance for doctors, homeowners insurance or car insurance.  Insurance rates are the same.  The verdicts and settlements are lower thanks to the defense insurance marketing efforts.  Where does that money go?  Not as rebates to customers, but rather into the pockets of the extremely wealthy in America.  Let’s call it like it is.  Let’s stop believing this farcical marketing effort that says that people are only injured because of their own fault and don’t deserve a dime.  Where is the single mother or the child supposed to go for compensation?  If we do deny their claims, they end up being treated in emergency rooms through government programs and at our societal expense anyway.  So let’s stop believing the bogus arguments and get in tune with what is true at our human core for religious reasons, moral reasons and what’s at the heart of America and our Constitution and the right to a jury trial, let’s fully compensate the victims of negligent and personal injury cases.