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Today, Gary finished a trial in St. Louis County and obtained a actual and punitive damages verdict for our client Loryn Deah Coffey. Very proud to represent Loryn and help her and her kids. Gary Burger tried this case two times – the first trial resulted in a mistrial!! Loryn was terminated from her position because she was pregnant in 2013. The Jury was convinced the defendant damaged Loryn and rendered a punitive damage verdict for almost as much as the actual damages. We are so grateful to the jurors who did their public duty and gave their time and attention to this important case.

In this trial we obtained punitive damages for our client. Punitive damages are recoverable in Missouri if the defendant’s conduct:
“was outrageous because of defendant’s evil motive or reckless indifference to the rights of others, then in addition to any damages to which you find plaintiff entitled may award plaintiff an additional amount as punitive damages in such sum as [the jury] believe will serve to punish defendant and to deter defendant and others from like conduct.”
MAI 10.01. Note that the State of Missouri takes 50% of the net proceeds of any punitive damages verdict. See Burnett v. Griffith, 769 S.W.2d 780 (Mo. 1989). We get our attorney fees and expenses under R.S.Mo. section 213.111.


Check out these videos of Loryn and her Dad giving their reaction to the case:

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