Types of Workers' Compensation Injuries

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Types of Workers' Compensation Injuries

Burger Law represents Workers' Compensation clients throughout the Greater St. Louis Area and Missouri

Workers Compensation Attorneys in St Louis, MO. Burger Law is a personal injury law firm that specializes in a complete range of personal injuries including workers' compensation cases. If you have been injured at work, Gary Burger and associates will ensure you are treated fairly by your employer under the Missouri workers' compensation law. There are many types of injuries sustained at work, but a common problem of all workplace injuries is the difficulty to fully treat and recover from your injuries while performing the same duties. Many times after an injury is treated, the employee returns to the same job responsibilities and is at even greater risk of re-injuring themselves as they repeat the actions that caused harm originally. Burger Law can help you prevent this pattern of re-injury and our workers compensation attorneys will fight to get your claim fairly decided from the beginning.

Burger Law has recovered millions of dollars in benefits for victims of work injuries, and our workers compensation lawyers will stand with you through your workers compensation case, try hardship hearings, get you the medical care you deserve, and work with both your employer and insurance company to ensure you receive the benefits that are owed to you. When Injured workers with Gary Burger and his associates they have the opportunity to receive three types of benefits for their work injuries including a lump sum, loss wages, and medical expenses. Listed below are a few of the most common workplace injuries, to get started on your free case evaluation, contact Burger Law today.

Back and Neck Injuries

When a person faces trauma to their spine the injuries they experience can be life changing.  Back and neck injuries are some of the more common issues Burger Law handles with workers’ compensation claims.  Your neck (also referred to as your cervical spine) and back are susceptible to injury from heavy lifting, slips and falls, repetitive movement, car accidents or other occupational hazards.  Occasionally, severe spinal injury also results in paralysis or death—we have successfully handled these cases, as well as less acute neck and back injury claims.

One of the most important reasons to hire an employment lawyer if you have a spinal injury is to ensure that you are compensated fully and fairly for your injury.  Unfortunately, many insurance companies rate certain injuries and areas of your body lower than what is deemed fair.  They may claim that your disability is only 5% so that you receive a truncated payout for your time off of work.  However, our medical experts might find that the same injury has actually rendered you 50% disabled, thus indicating a very different standard of payout for your workers' compensation injury and recovery.  Gary Burger and associates will help you navigate this tricky process with your employer, ensuring you are paid fairly for your level of disability.  If your employer is not willing to pay you fairly, Burger Law will take your workers' compensation case to court and aggressively fight on your behalf so that you receive the proper amount you are owed.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Head Injuries, and Psychiatric Disabilities

Traumatic Brain injuries and head injuries can be devastating, and are, unfortunately, one of the most underpaid claims in the Missouri workers’ compensation system.  Here at Burger Law, our workers compensation lawyers understand that these types of injuries are especially debilitating because they impact our thoughts, emotions and ability to function.  Oftentimes, employees experiencing these types of injuries also have accompanying or delayed after-effects that can include depression, headaches, and other psychiatric issues.  Gary Burger and his associates are aware that the impact of these injuries is often far greater than merely physical pain and we seek expert medical opinions to help prove the extent of these injuries in order to help injury victims receive the benefits they deserve in their TBI injury claims, head injury claims, and psychiatric disability claims.

Eye and Ear Injuries

Injury to an eye frequently entails more than vision loss; in many cases it causes disfigurement, depression, and other complex problems.  In Missouri, the workers’ compensation payout is insufficient for most serious eye injuries.  As skilled workers compensation attorneys who know how to negotiate successfully with insurance companies and employers, we understand the importance of securing payment not only for your current inability to work and medical costs but also for future medical costs, vision loss and psychiatric issues arising from such an injury. Burger Law not only handles vision and hearing cases arising from workers’ compensation claims but also in civil matters as well.  We have had successful verdicts in several civil cases that involved partial or permanent loss of vision and damage to the eye.

Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) cases are difficult to try in Missouri. It's challenging to prove whether an employee has tinnitus or does not. Tinnitus can be caused by using too much aspirin, but most commonly is caused by an occupational hazard of too much noise. When an employee loses complete hearing in one ear due to working conditions permanent partial disability schedule only owes 49 weeks of pay to them and 180 weeks for employees who lose hearing in both ears. The workers compensation lawyers of Burger Law can adeptly negotiate a fair payout for our St Louis clients, but it is imperative that you contact Gary Burger and associates as early as possible in the process to allow us to bring in audiologists and other experts from the beginning.

Repetitive Trauma

Repetitive trauma injuries are commonly manifested in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tears, neuropathies in the elbows and other similar maladies.  To be successful in repetitive trauma cases our workers compensation attorneys must enlist medical experts who can determine if the injury is due to work constraints and not as a result of aging or degeneration. Most employers' and insurance companies' physicians have an advantage to side with the employer, so it is critical that you call Burger Law immediately in order to get independent medical evaluations to help your case move forward.

Hip, Knee and Ankle Injuries

Burger Law has repeatedly won workers compensation cases involving lower body injuries.  These injuries can include hip fracture or replacement, tibia and fibula fractures, ligament damage, and even severance of the limb.  One of the most common claims we handle are injuries to the knee.  Many times insurance companies assert that meniscus surgeries or tears equal a 0% disability. We believe that since a portion of the knee is removed permanently that this should result in compensation for a permanent partial disability.  The workers compensation lawyers of Burger Law have been successful at increasing the lump sum compensation that our clients receive from this type of injury, and other patella fracture or knee damage cases.

Act quickly, don't settle for less! The sooner you hire a workers compensation attorney to help you with any of these types of injuries, the more likely you will be to have a positive outcome from your disability claim.  Call Burger Law at 314-542-2222, or complete our online contact form to begin the process of recovering the damages you are owed.

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