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Posted in Consumer Protection on February 27, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

U-Haul Auctions Off Owner's Belongings

Gary represents a woman who had her property (contents of house and family heirlooms) taken when it was stored at a local U-Haul storage facility.  She paid her rent for the unit but U-Haul made a really bad error - they sold her stuff at auction.  Like the show storage wars.  But our client paid all her rent for the unit - even after it was sold without her knowledge or consent.  To add insult to injury - U-Haul then refused to talk to her about it, refused to say where her stuff was and tried to protect the auction purchaser over their customer.  CEO Steve Lankford was obnoxious about it and caused his customer to have to go to court to get a judge to order him to do the right thing.  Gary filed suit, got an emergency order to take Lankford's deposition, and fought Lankford's lawyers. This was the subject of a great channel 4 story.