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So what do you do if you are in a liability accident? Great question. Okay, that’s called a premises liability or slip and fall accident. Um, for those situations, what you want to do is, is you want to notify the manager, notify the people, they’re telling what happened, let them know. They will often […]

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Hello, everybody, my name is Umi. And we’re here today with Gary from Burger Law. And he’s going to tell us about the next steps to take when you are involved in an accident. So Gary, say I got in a car accident. Or if I fall and I break my leg, what are the […]

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Explain to me what tort reform is. Tort reform is when the legislature comes in and curtails your rights under the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution. The Seventh Amendment says you get a right to a jury trial and what the legislature’s done because big insurance companies have lobbied them has come in and said, […]

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