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Posted in Videos on March 8, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Vivian Wright - St Louis Hit and Run Accident Testimony

Gary: Hi! I’m Gary Burger with Burger Law, and I’m here with my client and friend Vivian. Vivian, how are you today?

Vivian: I’m blessed, and yourself?

Gary: I’m doing well. That’s a good way to put it. Have you ever done a video before like this?

Vivian: No.

Gary: Okay. So, tell me what happened in your accident.

Vivian: I was coming from the house, and a car was hit from behind and he left the scene, and the guy started chasing, and it gave me whiplashes, and then, I had to even go into the hospital. My arm has felt swollen up for no reason. I don’t know why. And they told me it had to do with the nerve that was in my shoulder.

Gary: Right. So, did they catch the guy who hit and ran?

Vivian: No.

Gary: Never caught them, did they?

Vivian: Never.

Gary: Never caught them. But, you were being transported by the dialysis folks, or who was doing that?

Vivian: Dialysis, right, with the… I forgot its name.

Gary: Apex.

Vivian: Yeah.

Gary: Apex In-Home Services, right?

Vivian: Right.

Gary: So, what we did is because it was a hit-and-run, we made an uninsured claim against the Apex Home Services’ insurance company. They didn’t do anything wrong, right?

Vivian: No.

Gary: Your driver was good, right?

Vivian: Right.

Gary: They take care of you. It’s a good service to have.

Vivian: Yes.

Gary: The hit-and-run driver, so it wasn’t Vivian’s insurance policy but it was the policy owned by Apex. We made an uninsured motorist claim against them. I think you had about $4,000 in total medical care and what did we get for you in the case?

Vivian: Twelve.

Gary: Twelve. Were you happy with the settlement?

Vivian: Yes.

Gary: Okay. And then, we also had to deal with Medicaid in reducing those liens. It was a little bit delayed when we settled in getting your money, fair?

Vivian: Right.

Gary: And so, what we did is we had to work those liens down to put as much money in your pocket. Fair?

Vivian: Right.

Gary: What did you think of your experience with me or my firm?

Vivian: I was very much appreciated.

Gary: Oh yeah?

Vivian: Yes.

Gary: Tell me about that. Tell me more about how great we are.

Vivian: Yeah, how great.

Gary: We did it. We really worked hard to get you a good result. Have you had neck pain before, that goes kind of stuff before?

Vivian: No.

Gary: Okay.

Vivian: All this is new.

Gary: But we also got you a chiropractor to get you some treatment. How did you like them?

Vivian: It was good, but like the more I did it, it just, I don’t know my next bigger pops but I settled with what I have.

Gary: Great. All right. Great. Well, would you recommend us to other folks?

Vivian: I sure will.

Gary: Okay, well, hey, thanks a lot. That’s all I got.