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Posted in Videos on November 21, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

What is a Lien?

Hi! This is Gary Burger of Burger Law and I’d like to talk for a minute about liens. What is a lien? A lien is a right or interest in a claim. So, there are many types of liens that you may have in your claim. For instance, your health insurance may pay for your medical care and they may have a right in your health insurance plan for reimbursement or to get paid for that and that’s a subrogation lien or a right to get money.

Sometimes if you don’t have health insurance or you go to another medical provider, either the medical doctor, the physical therapist, the MRI provider or somebody else will assert a medical providers lien in your case. That’s a different kind of lien. There are statutes in Illinois and Missouri for that. So, that’s a lien directly in the case to get paid out of the case under a specific statute.

Sometimes, there are other bill collectors that are harassing you and some of my clients ask me to write what I call a letter of protection to those bill collectors and I say, “I’ll give you an interest in the case if you don’t report it to my client’s credit and stop harassing him.” That’s another kind of lien that we give to those folks.

There are other child support liens, other claims, other types of liens, but one of the things that’s important to do is make sure lien holders aren’t overly paid in their claims. So, what we do as part of our fee, we don’t charge extra for it is we work to reduce our liens as much as possible so that not only do we get as much money in the front end in your claim as we can, we try to reduce as much payment out on the back end as we can to put as much money tax-free incidentally into your pocket.

So, don’t be afraid of liens. They’re part of life in personal injury claims these days. Everybody wants their money back in these days, but we deal with those responsible. We want to make sure that our clients, when they leave, have all of their liens resolved.

So, if you have any questions about liens or any other types of cases or any other legal questions, call me, Gary Burger, (314) 542-2222 or visit Thank you.