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Hi! I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. At Burger Law, we represent individuals and businesses in commercial litigation. What that means is that anytime a business or a person has a commercial or contract-type dispute and they need litigation help because their efforts at resolving that claim have not occurred or have not been successful, then that’s when folks come to us.

So, a commercial claim can be a breach of contract, a breach of an oral contract, some type of fraud or misrepresentation, an insurance claim, a suit on a note where you’ve loaned somebody some money, some other types of commercial claim like a suit on account where you’ve provided a material to someone and they haven’t paid you, or a mechanic’s lien, or a materialman’s lien. We’ve represented businesses and individuals in these types of claims for a long time and have had a bunch of success in them, and the real advantage that we bring to these claims is that we are cognizant of our bills and not overcharging the client because the last thing that someone in a commercial case wants to do is say, “Hey, not only did I lose all this money, or was ripped off, or had this contract breached with this insurance company and providently denied this claim. Now I want to have to overpay a lawyer.” So, we try to bill fairly at a fair rate, and we’re very cognizant of the level of the claim. There’s no reason to have $30,000 in attorney’s fees in a $30,000 claim.

So, we plan that out with our clients and we make sure that they understand exactly what we can do, and it’s our job to put as much money in your pocket, including attorney’s fees. We’re taking into account attorney’s fees as we can. I’ve had many clients that come to me after they have been with big firms, who’ve worked the case, filed suit, done some initial discovery but not close the deal, and folks come to me and say, “Hey, how can we try this case efficiently?” And we tried cases at Burger Law. We’re a litigation firm. Most of the cases we try are personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis. So, we’re in depositions and in court every day. We’re the real deal, and we know how to get great results for our clients.

So, if you have a commercial case or a contract dispute or one of these types of claims and you want to visit with me or one of my people about it, call us at (314) 542- 2222. We’re at You can contact us there. Email me at Thank you.

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