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Posted in Personal Injury on May 18, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

When to File a Lawsuit

Well, you file a lawsuit because the defendant or its insurance company has an offer enough to settle your claim. No one asked to be put in a position where they’re injured; now, they got to go to a lawyer; now, they got to fight with an insurance company; now, they got to go file a lawsuit; now, they got to go to trial. No one asked for that.

However, if you’re injured because a defendant or someone else violates those safety rules, acts unsafe, and causes you injury, or injures you or a family member or a friend, you’re entitled to compensation, and you’re entitled to full compensation, a 100% compensation, not 50% or 60% compensation.

Many times insurance companies try to underpay and not fully compensate people, so one of the things we do at Burger Law is we insist on full compensation for your injuries, and sometimes that means filing suit and pursuing litigation. We do depositions every day, we’re in court every day, we try cases regularly. And we do that so that we can make sure we get full compensation for our clients. Now, you balance that with the delay of trial. No one wants to delay and put off recovery for years and years or anything like that, but we’re aggressive in our cases. We work our cases, we work them fast.

If a defendant isn’t going to pay enough to settle your case, we file suit and litigate the case. Many times that shows them that we really mean business and that we’re insisting that your case be fully compensated and fully paid. Not only do we insist on full compensation in the front end of the case, but we try to reduce your liens as much and the payouts as much to put as much money in your pocket. The amount of money you get in your pocket is tax-free, there are no taxes on it.

So, the reason why you file a lawsuit is that you get more money and you pursue it and you make sure that some of the defendant’s defenses that are raised, you show them to be bogus. What we do is we keep going until we persuade the defendants the wisdom of our position. So that’s why you file suit: to get more money in a case, not necessarily to try the case. Thank you.