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Posted in Car Accidents on July 21, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

When to Settle Your Car Crash Case Pt. VII

Here are some statements used by insurance companies to try and get you to settle your car crash case:

  • They do not have to pay for medical care if your personal health insurance paid for it.
  • Do not have to pay your wage loss damages because you took sick time, disability or your employer covered you.
  • They only have to pay wholesale value for your vehicle property damage.
  • You are at fault and that they have witnesses or information that show that you will not recovery and will not get all of your damages.
  • That a personal injury lawyer will only take away money from you and out of your pocket in a settlement. (this is false because we would not take a case if we could not add value to it).
  • That there is time urgency to settle your  case and that if you don’t settle it right away they won’t offer any more money down the road.
  • That because of the level of impact your car accident case, they can only pay for a certain amount of medical care, like a few weeks of physical therapy or chiropractic treatment.
  • That there is no way you could have been as injured as you were from the impact.
  • That the insured only has a certain amount of insurance coverage so they cannot(Get a copy of the declaration page and the policy terms and make them give you an affidavit that there is no other insurance).
  • That they only have to pay med pay and don’t have to pay for your pain and suffering or your other damages.
  • No work comp insurance. (Every employer with over 5 employees must have it – turn them into the Department of Insurance).
  • No med pay or other insurance. (Have them send you the declaration page and the policy)
  • Have to settle now or will rescind offer. (They will not).
  • A car crash attorney will just charge you and you will get less money.
  • They can only put so much on the car crash claim. (Have them call and get more).