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Posted in Videos on October 19, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Why It's Important to Seek Medical Care After an Auto Accident

Hi! This is Gary Burger at Burger Law. Remember, if you’re injured in an auto crash, you should get medical attention for your injuries. And, sometimes folks don’t have insurance, but you should be going to an emergency room or an urgent care or your primary care physician or a chiropractor shortly after the incident to treat you for the injuries that you sustained.

I tried a car crash case a few weeks ago and there was a little bit delay in treatment although my clients did go to the ER but then they waited a little bit before chiropractic care, so make sure you go to the doctor because if you’re injured you probably nee

d medical help. Make sure you continue to go to doctor and follow your doctor’s orders. Make sure you’re an accurate historian to the doctor about what happened in the incident, the pain level you have, the areas your body of that are hurting. Remember to tell him or her what hurt when and the cycle of the injuries and the symptoms you’ve had. Remember to continue to go get that medical care until you are 100% better.

Sometimes in accidents, the real pain and symptoms don’t happen till the next day or the day after that, so even if you don’t go to an urgent care or ER right away – one, two, three, four, five days out – go to the doctor, go to your primary care, go to the urgent care, go to someone and get medical care, and you really should pursue your medical care.

I have other videos talking about the types of injuries that you can sustain, parts of your body, that kind of stuff, but typically in an auto accident you get whiplash or whipping forces to your neck, and when all that forces to one little area in your vertebrae, in your neck, often you have neck pain, sometimes radiating pain in your hands and arms when your neck vertebrae is affected because your spinal column here innervates areas in your arm.

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