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Posted in In the community on November 2, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Will you be Voting?

A week from today is voting day.

Will you be voting?

Will you be glad when the campaigning and rhetoric is over?

Seems like its a contentious and divided time in America - but we all passionately believe in our issues and passionately discuss them. May less "discuss" than "post." I much prefer political discussions with friends than dogmatic social media posts.

I will be working as a lawyer at the polls again next Tuesday - I've done that for about 10 years. I've worked at other polling places over the years. My favorite was a resident's garage in the hill area at least 20 years ago.

Farther below I discuss another interesting legal victory for a client, more news on our class action victory, class action podcasts and scuba diving, but first a little more on voting.

Midterm elections always generate lower voter turnout than presidential elections. While the latter have had turnouts of about 50–60% over the past 60 years, only about 40 percent of those eligible to vote actually go to the polls in midterm elections.

In addition to a 1/3 of Senators and all House of Representatives, almost 70% of states choose governors at midterms.

My friend Grant Doty wrote a great article this week, published this week. Grant and I ran cross country in high school together (he was much better). Click here for a link to the article.

Since then, Grant served our country as a career Army officer, went to law school and now practices law in St. Louis. With all the news and fake news about voting, I thought I'd share Grant's three voting Myth's for this election.

Voting Myth 1. If I moved and did not update my voter registration, I am no longer registered to vote.

Fact. The majority of people who move remain registered to vote in Missouri.

Voting Myth 2. If I have the wrong address on my driver’s license, this will prevent me from voting given Missouri’s new photo identification law.

Fact. A current address on your photo identification is not required to vote. The law does not even mention the voter’s address for any form of primary identification (e.g., driver’s license, non-driver license, military identification, passport, etc.). In fact, neither passports nor military IDs even list addresses.

Voting Myth 3. If I don’t have photo identification, lose it just before Election Day, or leave it at home, this will prevent me from voting.

Fact. It is estimated that 5 percent of registered voters in Missouri lack the prescribed non-expired Missouri or federal photo identification. But as long as those voters present a secondary form of identification – such as a college ID, the voter notification card they got in the mail, or a current utility bill, bank statement or other government document – they can still vote.

Here's a pic of us voting tow years ago - all smiles.

Please exercise your franchise and vote a week from today. Thanks.