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Are You a Corrections Officer in Wisconsin and Not Being Paid for Pre- and Post-Shift Activity?

Underpaid Corrections Officer in Wisconsin

Are you a Wisconsin corrections officer? Do you only get paid when you get to your post and not when you are spending time going through security space and airlocks, getting your job assignment, and walking through the facility to actually get to your post?

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a labor law providing protection to workers regarding minimum wage and overtime pay. We believe that not paying for all of these pre- and post-shift activities violates the FLSA and may violate agreements with your employer. Burger Law recently won a $113 Million class action for Missouri corrections officers and are looking to put a stop on this unlawful practice across the United States.

As a Wisconsin Corrections officer, you may be entitled to compensation for pre- and post-shift work. Please contact Burger Law now to learn more about your claim and how we can help. Let’s fix this broken system together and protect future workers from experiencing the same injustice.

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Get Compensated for Unpaid Work

All Wisconsin corrections officers should be paid for all their work. Non-payment for pre- and post-shift activity can include the amount of time it takes for you to go through security, airlock, get post assignments, walk to your post, and begin mandatory duties at your post. If you are a corrections officer in Wisconsin and have not been fully paid for your work, Burger Law can help.

This case is currently in litigation. We have been working hard to help recover payment for Wisconsin corrections officers and continue to dedicate our firm’s skill and expertise towards helping corrections officers like you who have been underpaid. There is still time to join this suit and demand the pay you have already worked to earn.

Recovering Unpaid Wages for Corrections Officers

Corrections officers in Wisconsin and other states throughout the United States deserve payment for their unpaid labor hours and improperly paid overtime hours. Burger Law has obtained settlements for Missouri corrections officers and is working to do the same for Wisconsin officers. Contact our firm now for more information and tell us your story.

Note that past results afford no guarantee of future results and every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.

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Wisconsin corrections officers can make a claim with us and change how you are paid. We can help you obtain the wages you are owed and together make sure future Wisconsin corrections officers are paid fairly. Burger Law is here to get Wisconsin corrections officers compensation for the work they have done. No fee if no recovery. Call Burger Law now at 866-599-2222 or click the above links to contact us and to learn more about unpaid correctional officer wages in Wisconsin and how we can help.


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