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Posted in In the News on February 27, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Workers Comp Settlement

Workers Comp Settlement

We recently settled a shoulder surgery workers' compensation case for $50,000. This was even more than my demand sent last summer. The client hurt his shoulder, had surgery and went back to work without restrictions. When the employers' insurance company didn't settle, we got a disability rating for our client. This rating is needed to calculate the lump sum permanent partial disability settlement to settle and finish the claim.

Our rating physician (who is great) figured out our client needed more medical treatment and a post surgery MRI. The client went back to his surgeon, but the company doctor didn't see the continuing problems we documented. He said he was fine and gave a very low rating.

We mediated the case and prepared to bring in witnesses and physicians to talk about his real disability. We insisted on full value for his claim - and got it.

Our client did everything right in his claim (and in hiring us - ha). But do you know the top mistakes folks make after they are injured on the job?

They include failure to tell their employer or fill out an injury report, and not getting immediate and appropriate medical care or denying the incident was work related or minimizing it to help their employer. Learn more in a recent blog I did for more work comp mistakes and thorough analysis.

And if you want to know the 10 mistakes people make in their car crash cases, click here to get a free book I wrote.

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Compensate: 1. to supply and equivalent; 2. to offset an error; 3. to make amends.