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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Scott City, MO

Workers' Compensation Attorney Scott City, MO. You report to work and work hard every day as a means to support yourself and your family. We depend on our paychecks to make ends meet and provide a safe and comfortable home for our loved ones. If you get hurt on the job and become unable to work, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Workers' compensation insurance benefits exist to help support those who are hurt at work and unable to perform their typical daily work for a time. To get the full benefits you deserve after your work injury or illness, speak with an accomplished and aggressive workers' compensation attorney right away. After you get hurt on the job, call (314) 500-HURT or fill out this form right away. The Scott City, MO workers' compensation attorneys will demand complete compensation for your injuries and protect and support you during the workers' comp claim process. Let us help fight for you and your recovery today.

Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim

Workers' compensation in Scott City, MO is a state-mandated form of insurance for employers and their employees. The process and compensation of injuries in a workers' compensation case differ from a typical personal injury tort claim in Scott City, MO. Workers' compensation is a no-fault insurance system that allows workers a way to recover compensation when their job puts them in harm's way and they are injured while protecting the employer from liability for the hazards of their workplace.

Unlike a personal injury claim, your workers' compensation attorney in Scott City, MO is not required to prove your employer’s negligence and liability for your injuries. The majority of employers in Scott City, MO are legally required to carry workers' compensation insurance. When you are injured at work and are unable to continue performing the daily duties of your job, you can pursue workers' compensation benefits to help you through this difficult time. Because it is easy to make a simple mistake that can cost you the numerous benefits workers' compensation in Scott City, MO may cover, you would be wise to be prepared and educate yourself on the workers' comp claim process. After you are injured at work, follow the steps below for your best chance at a complete physical and financial recovery.

  1. Report your injury.

    Without first reporting your injury, you will not be eligible to collect workers' comp benefits. After you become injured or ill at work, you have 30 days to report your injury to your employer. It is best to do this in written form so you have concrete documents that serve as proof that you reported your injury.

  2. Get medical care.

    Receiving prompt and complete medical care for your injuries is essential for your physical wellness and for your workers' comp claim. Usually, you must receive care from the medical providers of your employer's choice in order to receive workers' compensation coverage of your medical costs.

  3. Speak to a workers' compensation attorney

    If anything about the workers' comp claim process confuses you or you have a complicated case, you will want a skilled Scott City, MO workers' compensation attorney working for you. Even if you are not yet sure that you need the help of a lawyer, you can take advantage of a free consultation with a workers' compensation attorney to learn more and determine whether a lawyer is necessary.

  4. File your claim.

    Now that you have a workers' compensation lawyer on your case, you can count on them to handle the claim process. They will make sure your claim is filed on time and correctly and will be with you every step of the way, from the pre-hearing to mediation to the hearing.

  5. Appeal the claim decision.

    If you do not agree with the state court's ruling of your claim the first time, you and your workers' compensation lawyer can file an appeal and continue to argue your case until you get the complete benefits you need and deserve.

Worker's Compensation Benefits in MO

As a worker employed in Scott City, MO, you have a right to pursue workers’ compensation insurance benefits after an accident, strain, overuse or long-term exposure condition on the job leaves you unable to work. Workers' comp is designed to pay benefits out to Scott City, MO workers who are hurt during the course of their work. The benefits for which you are eligible depend on the body part and severity of your injuries, the lasting effects of your injuries and your regular wages. Even though workers' compensation is a state-run program and a no-fault insurance program, claimants often need an experienced workers' compensation attorney on their side to help them receive the full benefits they deserve.

The precise benefits you can collect depend on the circumstances and the type of injuries you suffered, but you may be able to receive the types of benefits listed below:

  • Coverage of medical costs: your employer's workers' compensation should cover your medical costs including ambulance costs, emergency room care, hospital bills, outpatient care, prescription drugs, surgery, treatments and therapies and other necessary ongoing healthcare costs. Typically, as an injured worker receiving workers' compensation coverage, you must see the medical professionals appointed by your employer. However, in some cases Burger Law workers' compensation attorneys have been able to get the medical bills of your preferred practitioners covered by Scott City, MO workers' comp benefits.
  • Weekly wages: while your workplace injuries keep you away from work, you are entitled to two-thirds of your average weekly wage paid by your employer. However, if the employer is able to assign you to light duties that are safe for you to perform, you must perform these new duties and continue to work.
  • A lump sum payment: in addition to the workers' comp benefits that are meant to cover the cost of your medical care and support you while you are unable to work, you are also entitled to a lump sum payment for your injuries. This one-time, tax free payment is meant to help make you whole again after you are injured at work. The amount you can receive will depend on the extent and duration of your injuries, including whether you are temporarily or permanently disabled by your injuries and whether the disability is a partial or complete disability.
  • Ongoing disability payments: if your work injury leaves you with a permanent partial or total disability that affects your ability to work for the rest of your life, you could be entitled to weekly payments for your lifetime. These benefits are also based on two-thirds of your average weekly wage at the time of the injury.
  • Death benefits: tragically, some work injuries result in the loss of life. As the surviving immediate family member of a fatal work accident victim, you may be eligible to receive ongoing weekly payments in addition to coverage of expenses such as funeral and burial costs.

Though these workers' compensation benefits may seem straightforward and objective, you will probably need a Scott City, MO workers' compensation attorney to help you fight for the full benefits you deserve. Do not settle your workers' compensation claim without ensuring that you have received the maximum compensation available to you.

In addition to workers' comp, our skilled injury attorneys are equipped to help you and your loved ones recover after any kind of accident. Some of the cases we take include:

How a Workers' Compensation Attorney Helps

Filing a workers' compensation claim in Scott City, MO can be tricky. Without prior experience dealing with these types of claims, it is very easy to make a mistake that can prevent you from receiving the full compensation you deserve. Working with a qualified workers' compensation lawyer in Scott City, MO will help you avoid these clerical errors and ensure that you get maximum compensation. You work hard and you didn't ask or want to be injured. Do not let your employer or the system take advantage of you and leave you without the lump sum or ongoing payment you deserve. Speak with a workers' compensation attorney in Scott City, MO right away after being hurt at work.

Though you may elect to begin the workers' compensation process on your own without a workers' comp lawyer, there are many ways you stand to benefit from having an experienced Scott City, MO workers' compensation attorney on your side. With the complicated legal jargon and unforgiving deadlines and requirements, having a workers' comp lawyer will help you avoid missing out on benefits due to a simple mistake and make sure you get full compensation. Your Scott City, MO workers' compensation lawyer can:

  • File your claim on time
  • Understand the benefits you are entitled to
  • Appeal your claim if it is denied
  • Ensure you receive maximum benefits
  • Negotiate a payment structure that works best for you
  • Protect you from retaliation from your employer

Tragically, injured workers are sometimes subject to being punished or discriminated against by their employer after filing a workers' comp claim. It is illegal for employers to do this, but some employers still act in ways that punish you, the injury victim, for filing the claim you are entitled to file. If your employer attempts to retaliate against you by threatening you, demoting you, reducing your hours, assigning you work that is not safe for you to do, firing you or otherwise mistreating you, they are breaking the law. When you hire a Scott City, MO workers' compensation attorney, you have a professional on your side who is not afraid to take a stand and hold your employer accountable for breaking the law and mistreating you. If you have filed a workers' comp claim on your own and have since experienced discrimination or unfair treatment at work, call Burger Law right away to talk to a qualified workers' compensation lawyer about your case and get help with your claim immediately.

Hire a Scott City, MO Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you have been harmed in the course of your work and are now unable to perform you regular work duties, you may be entitled to benefits. You have one chance to file a workers' compensation claim and secure the Scott City, MO workers' comp benefits you are entitled to as an employee in the state who has been harmed on the job. Speak to a dedicated, skilled workers' compensation lawyer with Burger Law today and get maximum benefits for the injuries you have suffered. Discuss your case for free by calling us now at (314) 500-HURT or filling out this form. We will fight for your full benefits immediately. Do not wait; contact us now.

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