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Posted in Uncategorized on August 28, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Zealous Advocates for the Underrepresented Against Powerful Interests

As a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis for 25 years, I have seen many trials and many ways in which our community compensates the injured. When I first started practicing, injuries, lawsuits, and claims seemed pretty straight forward. If you could prove that the Defendant was negligent and injured someone, juries gave reasonable awards for medical expenses, wage loss damages, pain and suffering, and disability and disfigurement.
But as insurance companies and large corporations marketed and lobbied the idea of overreaching Plaintiffs, public opinion changed. Insurance companies spent millions of dollars over many years promoting what the public saw as outrageous verdicts (such as the McDonald’s hot coffee verdict). In fact, there is a documentary and study on the way the insurance company marketed this that you can see by clicking here.

I have written and blogged about tort reform changes and this phenomena. But these days we seem to live in a harder, colder community. Politicians and companies try to divide us rather than unite us.

Regardless of these efforts, people generally empathize and sympathize with each other to help each other. God works through our community and neighbors work to help neighbors. This is shown by a trial with a straight forward injury when the jury really feels for the injured party or family and still awards a reasonable amount. We still try cases and get good awards for our clients and will never stop doing so.

The results and success for our clients is a testament to caring of our community and its conscience. Our juries set the standard of care by which we want to live. We do not want our neighbors, whether they are individuals, companies, or insurance companies, to break the rules or injure us. If they do so, they are responsible for the harm they cause. This basic “justice” idea crosses cultures and religions and goes back thousands and thousands of years.

It is good to see that our juries are still able to do this and the Burger Law firm is able to obtain justice for our clients. We will continue to be zealous advocates for the underrepresented against powerful interests.