10 Making Statements About Your Case

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Making Statements about your case

"10 Mistakes That Wreck Your Car Accident Case"

Tenth Mistake: They Make Inconsistent Statements About Their Case And/Or Post On Social Media About Their Claim

Another mistake people can make is social media posting about an incident. In every lawsuit we file, all of our clients are always asked about Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, or any other social media statements about the incident or their injuries. You should never minimize or misrepresent injuries on social media. It would be irresponsible and unethical for a person to make a claim that they are seriously injured or totally disabled from a car accident, and post pictures of them skiing, bike riding, or doing intense physical activity thereafter. We have many examples of this, and it could work both ways. I once cross-examined a defendant driver in a drunk driving case who was trying to be remorseful about what they had done to their friend. After expressing remorse and saying they would never do it, their Facebook page was exhibited and I asked them why they had joined the “I like to get drunk and don’t give in F***” group only 2 weeks after the incident. This shut down their defense and the case settled shortly thereafter.

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