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Dog Bite LawyerSt. Louis, MO

Well-trained dogs should never bite or attack anyone. If you’ve been bitten, we can help.

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Dog Bite Attorney in St Louis, MO. Burger Law is a personal injury law firm that specializes in k-9 attacks. It is the responsibility of dog owners to control their animals and prevent attacks. Dogs can severely injure and permanently scar adults and children – often leaving marks in visible areas. Missouri has strict liability statutes for dangerous animals that attack and injure, and many municipalities have local laws that protect its citizens from unsafe dogs. In most jurisdictions there are leash laws and sometimes special law ordinances for specific dog breeds including Pit Bulls, Akitas, Doberman Pinschers, and more. Some dog bite cases suggest a prior vicious propensity is required to establish legal liability, but the dog bite lawyers of Burger Law have been successful in pursuing premises liability claims where a prior bite is not necessary.

We love dogs and we love to have them as companions, but that doesn’t mean they are always safe to be around. Dogs can be dangerous if they feel threatened or if they aren’t trained right, and often, under these circumstances they will bite. Dog bites are no joke, even from little dogs. Their teeth are designed to do damage. When you’ve been bitten by a dog, what should you do? What are your options?

Burger Law is a Personal Injury Law Firm in St. Louis with extensive experience fighting for dog bite victims and making sure they get the full care and recovery they need. Your dog bite claim could be complex, and without the assistance of an experienced dog bite lawyer in St. Louis you could get less of a recovery than you deserve. Our team can guide you through your dog bite lawsuit and make sure that you get the full recovery you are owed, both physically and financially. If you have any question about our personal injury firm, or how our dog bite lawyers will handle your dog bite case, call our team at 314-648-8348 or 618-226-4811. We don’t charge any fees for our consultations, and we never ask for any attorneys fees unless we win your dog bite lawsuit.

Gary Burger

Gary Burger | Trial Attorney

Gary Burger is devoted to helping injury victims recover from devastating accidents in Missouri and Illinois. Gary practices all areas of personal injury law and has been successful in providing financial recovery while aiding in the protection of our clients’ future.

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Dog Bite Lawyer St. Louis – Recent Victories

With any type of legal claim, results matter. You want to know that your giving your case to the best possible lawyer, and the they’re going to fight hard to make sure you get 100% of the recovery and compensation you deserve. A dog bite lawyer saying they’re the best is one thing, a lawyer with client testimonials and results that can prove it is another. Here are several of our most recent victories as well as client testimonials:

Dog Bite Lawyer St. Louis – Know Your Rights

Here are Missouri’s and Illinois’s laws detailing dog bites and dog bite lawsuits.

For Missouri, Statute 273.036 details liability in Dog Bite Lawsuits. The dog owner will be liable for the damages caused, minus the percentage that the person bit was liable for the attack. This means that if someone provoked the animal and caused the dog to bite them, then they will be liable for a portion of their damages. If the dog bit someone and was not provoked, as in the case of a dog escaping the yard or a leash, the dog owner will be fully liable for the damages caused by the dog. This type of law is known as Comparative Negligence, which means that a person will be liable for the portion of the damages they either caused or were harmed by because of their failure to act in a reasonable way.

When you are injured by a dog that was in someone else’s care other than the owner, you may have a case of negligent enstrustment. This is a law of negligence that says that an owner can still be seen as negligent for allowing someone unqualified or incapable to operate or manage that property. In this case, the property is the dog.

For Illinois, Statute 510 ILCS 5/16 details liability in Dog Bite Lawsuits. Illinois law is quite similar to Missouri’s. If the person had a legal right to be in the area they were in when they were bit, and they did not provoke the dog, the pet owner will be held fully liable. If the dog was provoked, and the person was in an area they weren’t legally entitled to be in, the person bitten will be liable for a portion of the damages.

So what should you take from these dog bite laws? If you were somewhere you have legal right to be, and you were attacked by a dog and the dog owner acted negligently in securing their animal, you may not be liable for any of the damages at all. If you were taunting the dog and it attacked you, or if you were in an area you didn’t have the legal right to be in, you will be held liable as well. Never provoke a dog, it’s just not a smart nor safe thing to do.

Dog attacks are especially tragic when children become injured as a result of negligent dog owners. Vicious dog attacks can leave physical and mental scarring that victims may never be able to overcome. Gary Burger and his associates have had years of experience as dog bite attorneys, and we can assist you in getting full compensation for your injuries. If you or a loved one have been involved in a K-9 attack, it’s important to immediately identify the attacking dog, mandate rabies testing and work with a state or county health official to ensure the dog is quarantined. In most K-9 attack cases, a dog bite lawsuit is required.


When you allow the dog bite lawyers of Burger Law to assist you in your dog bite case, we will quickly investigate to determine whether or not the dog has a history of biting, make claims, file lawsuits, and try cases against the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance and/or other insurance.

Why Should Burger Law Handle Your Dog Bite Claim?

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  • Burger Law is backed by decades of experience
  • We offer case evaluations at NO CHARGE
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Burger Law works with dog bite injury victims to establish the damages, including living life with scarring or having to plan future plastic surgery to ameliorate the scarring. Our dog bite lawyers hire surgeons to testify about damages cause in dog attack cases, including the cost of repairing the scarring that is a result of the attack. Gary Burger and his associates will even canvass neighborhoods where the dog attack occurred to prove prior attacks. The dog bite lawyers of Burger Law are seasoned in K-9 attacks and have taught other lawyers how to handle different types of dog bite cases. To get started on your free case evaluation, contact the dog bite attorneys of Burger Law by calling (314) 648-8348 or completing our online contact form.

Dog Bite Injuries

When a dog bites someone it’s either because they feel threatened or because they are a poorly trained animal, and these bites often leave serious injuries. A dog bite should immediately be seen to by a medical professional to ensure that you aren’t at risk of infection or disease. Here are several types of injuries that can arise from a dog bite:

  • Puncture Wounds – Dogs, by nature, have sharp canines designed for puncturing skin. When a dog bites, they use these teeth to cause wounds that can cause serious bleeding if not seen to immediately.
  • Broken Bones – Larger breeds of dogs have extremely strong jaws, and when they bite, they can do a tremendous amount of damage. Larger breeds are also known to have the ability to break bones when they bite.
  • Infections – Dogs will eat just about anything, and that includes trash, food found on the floor or outside, and food that could be several days old. Their mouths are full of bacteria that can cause infections when the dog bites someone.
  • Diseases – In rare cases, a dog can transmit rabies and other diseases to a human when they bite. This is why it’s always critically important to see a doctor after any dog bite.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in St. Louis, or St. Louis County, it is important to your health and your welfare that you immediately speak with a Dog Bite Lawyer in St. Louis. We can help you get the care you need and deserve for your injuries.

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