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December 9, 2020 | Gary Burger

How To Choose The Right Personal Injury Lawyer For Me

How do you determine which personal injury lawyer is right for you? As you've undoubtedly heard the disclaimer at the end of TV and radio commercials for law firms: the choice of a lawyer is important and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

The key is to speak with the lawyer and determine whether or not you are comfortable with them handling your claim. The outcome of your case has the potential to drastically change your life for better or worse. Burger Law understands the importance of a competent and caring personal injury lawyer in any accident case. We are available to discuss your case free of charge to help you make this important decision. Call us at 314-542-2222 or contact us online today.

How To Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have never had to hire or interact with a lawyer before, it can be difficult to conceptualize just how true that statement is. Different lawyers use different marketing techniques, but it's vital that you choose someone you can have an honest relationship with. You don't have to be best friends, but you need someone who has your best interests at heart, listens to your concerns, has real experience in similar cases, and is organized and able to communicate with you.

Referrals and Recommendations

Ask individuals who have worked with personal injury lawyers about their experiences and feedback. In addition, you should look into client testimonials and reviews for any lawyer or law firm you are considering hiring. Burger Law welcomes feedback from all of our current and past clients. Some of our clients have graciously shared their experiences via video and written testimonials.

Research Online

Simple searches online will yield a variety of information. Check out the websites of any lawywers you are considering. In addition, there are directories for lawyers in your area. Look for the lawyer's credentials and community involvement. Check for peer-reviewed honors such as this Super Lawyers directory.

Reflect on What's Important

You are hiring a personal injury attorney to work for and represent you. This case can have a huge impact on your life, so it's important that you choose a lawyer who meets your needs and is in line with your priorities. Consider which variables are most important to you. You might particularly care about:

  • Their experience with your specific type of case
  • The results of the previous cases they have represented
  • Their credentials, titles, honors, and education
  • Their seniority level or years of experience
  • The size of their firm
  • The proficiency of their support staff
  • Their ability to communicate and educate
  • How much time or availabilty they have

Meet With Them

There are many talented, qualified personal injury lawyers and law firms who are capable of representing you in your personal injury case in the St. Louis area, but they are all work a little differently. Your relationship with your personal injury lawyer is paramount to a positive outcome.

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no upfront charge to you, and you don't pay unless and until you win your case. Most law firms offer free initial consultations as well; this is the perfect opportunity for you to meet with your potential lawyers face to face to get a better idea of how comfortable you feel with them handling your case.

The Right Personal Injury Lawyer For Me

You have a St. Louis area personal injury case and you aren't sure how to choose the right one for you. You should choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable speaking, who understands your needs and is willing to dedicate time and energy towards you, and who is available and willing to answer your questions and keep you informed.

Burger Law feels that educating our clients every step of the way is a powerful tool. We make available many resources, such as the free books on personal injury claims authored by Attorney Gary Burger. The Burger Law staff is always available and willing to answer your questions for free.

You need a lawyer you can trust in your personal injury claim. Don't waste any time. Find the lawyer you trust to begin working on your case right away. Call Burger Law at 314-542-2222 today for a free consultation and to get help with your personal injury case now.