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October 23, 2019 | Gary Burger

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover My Injury?

You're at a friend or family members house, and you fall and get injured, or your enjoying the pool and you slip and fall on the concrete. You don't want to sue your family member or friend because you don't want to cause any issues, though you do have the option of pursuing a claim against their homeowners' insurance to cover the costs of your injury. Is this the right thing to do, and will the homeowners' insurance cover all of your medical costs?

In this FAQ, we cover how homeowners insurance works, and what it will cover in the event that someone is injured on the premises. If you have any questions about this FAQ, or if you would like to speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in St. Louis, call our lawyers at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222.

Will Homeowners Insurance cover my Injury

Homeowners Insurance has a set amount that it will pay in the event that someone is injured on the property. The policy doesn't apply to the homeowners, it only applies when they are the liable party, such as when someone is injured while visiting on the property. So if you were injured while visiting a friend or family member, their homeowner's insurance policy will have an amount dedicated to covering your injuries.

So how much of your injury will be covered? This is going to be entirely dependent upon the level of insurance or the quality of insurance that the house has on it. Some homeowners may only have a small amount of injury coverage and will be liable for the rest. In other cases, the policy may entirely cover your injuries so that you don't have to pursue a claim against the homeowners as well. In either of these cases, a personal injury lawyer will be able to help you get the information you need to make sure you make the correct decision regarding your injuries.

It's important to remember that pursuing a claim against a homeowners insurance policy is not the same as suing the individual who owns the home. Homeowners insurance policies are made to cover accidents that happen on the premises so that the homeowners aren't liable for covering the medical costs or financial recovery that comes with an injury claim. If you need to file a claim against a family member or a friends insurance policy then you are filing a claim that is covered by the homeowner's insurance policy. Their is dedicated money to cover your injury. If you have any questions about how this process works feel free to call our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222.

How to File a Claim against a Homeowners Insurance Policy

If you would rather speak directly with our team about your case, please don't hesitate to call us at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222. We've taken on homeowners insurance claims before and we know how to make sure that you get 100% of the care and financial recovery you are owed. Remember, your didn't ask to be injured and you shouldn't have to beg to get the care you deserve. You can get a recovery for your injuries.