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In the United States, we as consumers expect that the products we buy and use will be safe for use. When the products we use in our homes, our vehicles and throughout our daily lives harm us, we must take action. Burger Law's product liability lawyers fight for a full recovery after you have been hurt by a dangerous product.

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Product Liability Lawyers St. Louis and Missouri

Product Liability Lawyer St. Louis and Missouri. Burger Law’s product liability lawyers have the knowledge and tenacity to get you the outcome you deserve after you have been harmed by a product. As a consumer in Missouri, you have the right to expect that the products that you purchase will be safe for their foreseeable or reasonably anticipated use. And when a product is dangerous and causes you harm, you deserve compensation. In order to get the full recovery you deserve, you need a lawyer who is well-versed in product liability matters who will guide you and fight for you. Gary Burger and the experienced product liability lawyers of Burger Law in St. Louis are dedicated to holding negligent product manufacturers, distributors and retailers accountable when their products cause you harm. With our help, St. Louis and Missouri residents have recovered over $170 million in damages for their product liability and other personal injury claims. Begin today by speaking to a product liability lawyer for free today at (314) 648-8348 or online now.

As your product liability lawyer, we handle all parts of your claim. A product should be thoroughly tested before going to market. If there is a defect or dangerous condition in a manufactured product, it should be engineered out. If it cannot be engineered out, the manufacturer must provide adequate warning against the risk of harm. A manufacturer or distributor may attempt to ameliorate their liability by asserting that they gave proper warning. We will investigate issues such as whether the manufacturer of a product can be identified and whether or not proper warnings of potential dangers were given to determine which parties are accountable and what course of action we will take to obtain your full recovery.

Burger Law’s team of experienced product liability lawyers know how to take on product liability cases and have helped victims recover full damages from a myriad of dangerous products, such as medications with permanent side effects, dangerous household products and defective automobile parts. We work hard to win cases for our clients so that we can make our world safer and protect consumers at large from dangerous products that can cause injury or even death. What sets us apart from other St. Louis product liability law firms is our utmost commitment to keeping people safe and holding dangerous product makers and distributors accountable. In fact, we regularly study the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bulletins to discover products that are dangerous or have recently been recalled so we can step in and make the responsible parties pay.

The product liability lawyers of Burger Law have obtained millions of dollars for dangerous products and other conditions that have harmed our clients. We are the product liability law firm that has the skill to provide you with a complete settlement while prioritizing your experience throughout the claim process. Our lawyers and staff are here to answer your questions and explain your options every step of the way. Check out our Youtube channel or read our free books for more information on what to expect in your product liability case and look at our hundreds of five-star client reviews to understand how we approach representing you. Then, call (314) 648-8348 or message us right away to get the Burger Law product liability team on your case now.

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Product Liability Common Claims

What Products are most often involved in Product Liability Claims?

Product Liability claims can arise from known defects in a product such as a car's likelihood to roll in the event of an accident, a phone's battery that is likely to explode if it gets too hot, or airbags that either fail to deploy or when they do, they deploy with a force that is dangerous to the passenger it is trying to protect. These are the more known types of product liability claims. However, poorly designed playground equipment, toys that are inherently dangerous and mechanical tools that don't have the proper safety features are also product liability claims. If you were injured or made ill by a product you used or purchased, you may have a product liability claim. The first thing you need to do is speak to a qualified product liability attorney to determine whether or not you have a claim. Your product liability lawyer can help you get a full financial recovery after a dangerous product caused you harm.

We make dangerous product manufacturers pay.

We make dangerous product manufacturers pay.

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If you or someone you love have been harmed by a seemingly harmless product, you have a product liability case. Filing a claim could allow you to receive a financial recovery and hold the product manufacturer accountable for putting consumers like you in harm's way. Make the most of your claim by speaking to an experienced product liability lawyer in St. Louis today. Burger Law will fight for you, guide you and demand the compensation you deserve. Call us now at (314) 648-8348 and speak with a lawyer about your case for free.