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Personal Injury LawyersSt. Louis, Missouri and Illinois

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Personal Injury Lawyers serving St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois. After insurance companies unfairly delay and deny claims, our team demands full compensation. Our clients have earned record-setting victories, settlements and verdicts against big corporate defendants and the largest insurance companies. Gary Burger and the legal team at Burger Law are devoted to winning full compensation for injury victims and their loved ones. To get started on your recovery and protect yourself and your family, call Burger Law at 314-542-3333 or complete our online contact form.

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When a person or company breaks safety rules and injures or kills another person, they should be held responsible. If you have been injured, your case likely has difficult legal, insurance, and damage issues that require great attorneys to resolve. Burger Law understands how personal injuries impact our clients’ physical and financial health and will help you get the compensation you deserve. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for injury victims and their families.

Gary Burger

Gary Burger | Trial Attorney

Gary Burger is devoted to helping injury victims recover from devastating accidents in Missouri and Illinois. Gary practices all areas of personal injury law and has been successful in providing financial recovery while aiding in the protection of our clients’ future.

Gary Burger's Awards

Our team of experienced injury lawyers will fight for you and your family to get you the money you deserve. Our attorneys aggressively push to secure the best possible outcome and compensation for our clients and have won millions of dollars in compensation for injury victims. Our firm is the highest reviewed and rated accident law firm in the Midwest with over 450 positive reviews and counting.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers set themselves apart protecting St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois motorists and their families, getting full recovery for their injuries, and achieving financial recovery and security. We take your fight to court, and trial if need be, to get all the money you deserve. Do not settle for your damages — medical care, wage loss, disability, and pain and suffering. Our St. Louis injury attorneys will answer your questions and guide you through your claim and personally handle your case.

Common Damages in a Personal Injury Case

  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical impairment – disfigurement, scarring, amputation
  • Loss of use of a body part
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of earnings
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Medical bills
  • Cost of future medical care
  • Loss of consortium

Gary Burger and the experienced and aggressive Personal Injury Attorneys at Burger Law take every injury claim seriously. In fact, you do not owe any fees unless we win your claim. Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys are specialized in all areas of injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, workers compensation, slip and fall cases, dog bites, product liability, and more. Our attorneys will handle all aspects of your case from start to finish, so that you can focus on your recovery. We know how to fight against resistant insurance companies and plaintiffs who refuse to take accountability for the harm they have caused. Our firm has the expertise and winning track record necessary to provide the best possible legal representation in your personal injury case or any other type of accident case. If you have questions about your case, the damages you may be able to recover, or other questions regarding personal injury claims, call our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis immediately at 314-648-8348 or 618-226-4811.

Personal Injury Lawyer St. Louis – Recent Victories

Our Personal Injury Law Firm in St. Louis is dedicated to the compensation and recovery of our clients. We fight hard for our clients’ rights because we know that major business, corporations, and insurance companies take advantage of the average person because they know that you either can’t afford to fight them, or don’t know the correct steps to take to hold them legally accountable for the damages they caused you. It’s our firm’s passion and privilege to fight for the rights and recoveries of our clients. Here are several of our most recent victories:

It’s important to remember that every case is different, and what you may be eligible to recover is going to be based entirely upon the circumstances of your claim. Your recover is first, and foremost, our only priority. We fight for you so that you are given what you deserve and what you are owed. If you have questions about your case, the damages you may be able to recover, or other questions regarding personal injury claims, call our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis immediately at 314-648-8348 or 618-226-4811.

Burger Law in the News

We take on a wide range of cases, and this means that we often take on difficult and long-shot cases as well. Our Firm has fought against government agencies, massive corporations, and other high-profile cases that you may have heard of. Listed below are several recent examples.

  • Pam Hupp Wrongful Death Case – We recently filed a wrongful death action against Pam Hupp. Pam was indicted for first degree murder for the death of Louis Gumpenberger. Pam had fraudulently concealed her actions as was reported by many news agencies
  • Missouri Department of Corrections Lawsuit – In 208, Burger Law helped win a massive victory for the Correctional Officers of Missouri. The court found in favor of Gary and the Correctional Officers that the Missouri department of Corrections owed the correctional officers $113 million in back pay and overtime pay for pre and post-shift activities.

Personal Injury Lawyer St. Louis – Personal Injury Law Videos

Have you ever had a question you wish you could ask a lawyer without going into their office? Or maybe you would like to watch a client testimonial to see what a real person thinks about their lawyer, and the legal process? Burger Law has several videos that answer many of those questions you may have, as well as client testimonials to really show you what the process is like with our firm. We also offer an expansive FAQ area where many other questions are answered as well. Here are links to those areas:

If the above weren’t able to answer all of your questions, or if you would rather speak with one of our personal injury lawyers in St. Louis now, our firm can be reached at 314-648-8348 or 618-226-4811.

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Personal Injury Law Firm St. Louis – Claim Types

Being a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis requires that your lawyers and firm have a vast knowledge of the different types of cases that St. Louis residents deal with. Knowing the difference between a car accident case and a truck accident case seems simple, but there are many different laws and statutes that can arise in a truck accident case that can be the deciding factor in whether or not the case is successful. Further, the legalities and processes needed to successfully maneuver through a workers compensation claim require specialized training that a vehicle-accident-only attorney may not have.

One of the benefits of choosing a personal injury lawyer with Burger Law is that our team has exceptional experience with every facet or personal injury law because we practice every area of personal injury law. We understand that case types often overlap, and having experience with each type of claim gives our team the perfect understanding of how to fight for our clients rights and recoveries. Listed below are quick snippets of the case types we most commonly pursue:

  • Car Accident Claims – Car Accidents are typically caused by negligent actions. Our Car Accident Lawyers in St. Louis use their knowledge of state laws and scientific facts to take on each car accident claim, and use different methods to gather evidence depending upon the type of claim
  • Truck Accident Claims – Commercial Trucks can weigh anywhere from 30,000lbs to 80,000lbs. A car weighs 5,000lbs. This is a massive difference in force and weight. When a trucking vehicle or a commercial vehicle collides with a small sedan, the accidents always cause serious injuries.
  • Medical Malpractice Claims – Medical Malpractice can happen when a doctor, healthcare professional, hospital, or other health service center acts in a negligent way or neglects to provide a standard of reasonable care, and this action leads to the patient being injured. This can happen in the form of errors in diagnoses, missed diagnosis, error in treatments, errors in after care or errors in health management.
  • Workers Compensation Claims – Employers that care little for their employees health are going to push them to return to work as quickly as possible, or be fired. They will refer you to company friendly doctors or physicians who help them protect their bottom line. This is a ridiculous tactic that many business use to cheat injured workers out of their compensation. Our Work Comp Lawyers in St. Louis know every tactic your employer will use to cheat you, and will fight for your rights every step of the way.
  • Wrongful Death Claims – Wrongful Death claims are never easy. No one should ever lose a loved one because of an accident that is caused by another’s negligence. There is always a trail of facts or reports that show negligence on the part of the business or individual who is responsible for your loved one’s death. We will fight for your family’s rights and make sure that those who caused your loved one’s death are punished to the maximum extent of the law.

Personal Injury Cases St. Louis – Resources

Knowing how the a lawsuit works, and the intricacies that can shape the lawsuit can help you better understand your claim. To this end, Burger Law has created a podcast series that talks about lawsuits, what to do in lawsuits, and how different sides of the case plaintiff/defendant work. It’s called Lawyer V. Lawyer, featuring Gary Burger and Debbie Champion.

Lawyer v Lawyer teaches law and litigation. Gary Burger represents injured people and their families. Debbie Champion helps people and companies defend injury claims. They have over 50 years of trial wisdom to share with lawyers and laymen. Here is lawyer versus lawyer.

Personal Injury Law Firm St. Louis – Legal Books

If you enjoy reading longer content, our Firm has created 4 books that can answer a wide range of questions surrounding personal injury law in Missouri and Illinois. These books are free of charge and are downloadable for ease of reading!


Personal Injury Practice Areas

Personal Injury Practice Areas. Burger Law is made up of a team of personal injury lawyers who proudly serve the Greater St Louis area with the highest standard of representation, litigation, guidance, and support. Gary Burger and his team are dedicated to recovering compensation to help injury victims and their families cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. At Burger Law, we understand how severe injuries can negatively impact your mental, physical, and financial health, and we are prepared to stand with you through the entirety of your case from medical care to insurance and employer issues. Burger Law specializes in a complete range of personal injury law including:

Car Accidents

These 6 questions are critical to ask before hiring a car accident injury lawyer


Truck Accidents

Injured in a truck accident? Take these 3 steps before contacting a personal injury lawyer


Workers’ Compensation

Is your job safe? Learn how to avoid workplace injuries


Motorcycle Accidents

Find out why wearing a motorcycle helmet is crucial for your accident case


Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury

Find answers to common questions related to Personal Injury lawsuits and Personal Injury claims of all types.

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