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$1 Million Dollar Settlement to Family of Man with Sepsis Infection

$1 Million Dollar Settlement to Family of Man with Sepsis Infection

It is estimated that between 28 and 50% of the 1 million people who contract sepsis each year die. Many times the sepsis has gone undiagnosed for too long, and then not treated in a rapid manner with antibiotics to which the infection is sensitive. This is a very unfortunate situation which could have been prevented. The family of the deceased wished to file a claim for medical malpractice that induced the loss of their loved one.

Sepsis is a general term that can describe many types of infections. These infections are usually bacteremia infections such as pneumococcal staph, but can also be other types of infections. Sepsis is defined as infection plus systematic manifestation of infection. Once the infection progresses past a certain point, it becomes very hard to control.

We represented the family of a southern Illinois man who went to the emergency room in southern Illinois with a high fever. He was not diagnosed with sepsis for 5 hours and did not receive antibiotics until over 2 hours after he was diagnosed. This late medical treatment did not save him.

We successfully recovered and settled his sepsis medical malpractice case late last year. We were able to place a large amount of money into structured settlement accounts for his family. While this settlement will not bring back their loved one, it will help with expenses that the family incurred from his death. If you or your family need similar assistance please contact our office.


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