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How to Choose a Law Firm


If you or your family need to retain a lawyer for a personal injury case, you may not know how to choose a law firm. Here are some things to get you started:

Will the named partner handle my personal injury claim, or will it be referred out or to a new or inexperienced lawyer?

At Burger Law, the case will be handled by experienced personal injury attorney Gary Burger, and not referred to another attorney.

Has the lawyer had experience in these cases?

At Burger Law, we routinely handle personal injury cases and know how to win them. We have over 40 years of combined experience and will work hard to maximize your recovery.

Does the law firm have the resources available to pursue my case?

At Burger Law we finance our own cases and never ask our clients for money to pursue their case. If we are unwilling to put our money into the case, we will not handle it. If we do agree to represent you and your family, we are well funded and will put in the money necessary to win. We also have a vast network of experts all over the United States who are willing to assist us in providing expert testimony that is frequently necessary to win personal injury cases.

Is the law firm all marketing or do they really go to Court?

Gary is in Court, depositions, trials and hearings routinely. The bar makes us say “the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on marketing”. It is true. Are you falling for a slick well produced high end television commercial or do you want an attorney who will actually handle your case personally and be in court for you? We will!

At Burger Law, Gary routinely wins personal injury cases. We file lawsuits and aggressively pursue the insurance companies and defendants until they have no choice but to pay our clients what they are owed for their injuries. We handle personal injury cases ourselves. Gary Burger will represent you.

In addition to the personal injury legal services we provide at Burger, we like to support our community by donating our time and resources to several charities and initiatives.

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