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Eliminating or even reducing medical liens in Illinois is no easy task and must always be considered before settling a claim. The Illinois legislature has it made it clear that medical providers will recover all or at least a substantial amount of their medical bills when rendering services to an individual involved in a lawsuit. […]

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George Robinson was making a delivery to a Defendant’s warehouse. As he was going through a door to make a delivery for his employer, he tried to hold it open for an exiting UPS delivery man. The door unexpectedly sucked close and traumatically amputated part of his right index finger. He was working at the […]

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We are excited about our 2018 Dangers of Social Media and Driving Scholarship. We will support a student passionate about raising awareness of the risks of using social media while driving. We will award $2,000 towards the education of a student who creates a plan to teach their peers about the dangers of distracted driving. Please […]

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We have a client who suffered significant injuries in a car wreck while driving his mother’s vehicle. The other driver had minimum insurance and his mother had $50,000.00 in underinsured coverage. Our client had $500,000.00 in underinsured motorist coverage on his auto policy. Here’s some links to blogs and videos on underinsured coverage. BUT – there […]

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The more you give the more you get. At Burger Law we are proud to help others and give free resources to other attorneys and pro se litigants. We think this is important for litigants and those who need resources in their fight against insurance companies and large corporations. Check out our Burger Law lawyer to […]

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Last week the firm did 12 depositions. Attorney Jim Bax and I took or defended all of them between the two of us. And I have one today. Once I thought about it, they spanned over 5 different practice areas. I thought I could discuss a little of each below. 1-5. Contract Law: We had […]

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When the bees seem to form a fuzzy beard on the hive and hang out in a cluster it’s called bearding. This happens in strong colonies when the population is at its height and as the bees are storing and ripening honey. To keep the hive at the correct temperature and allow for airflow in […] Continue Reading

We gave a bike to another great kid. TaNiyah has been student of the week and student of the month at her school, and a great help to her teachers and fellow students. We are honored to reward such a bright, kind, and caring child with this great bike.  

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