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Governor Greitens signed SB 66 (about which I have previously written) that was passed by the Missouri legislature. Here are the key changes workers need to understand: Death Benefits for the Survivors of First Responders. Changes Section 287.243 RSMo. These changes make some very substantial additions and alterations to this Section. If you are a survivor of a […]

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In tractor trailer accidents, it’s important to investigate these cases right away so that we get an investigator out, we talk to the witnesses, we put the defendant on notice. National trucking companies put on significant, vigorous defenses in these cases, and it’s important to have a lawyer who can investigate the case right away, […]

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What do you do if an insurance adjuster or an insurance company isn’t being fair to you? Well, you need to stand up for your rights, and there are a lot of things you can do. You may not know it, but you have a lot of power. Both Illinois and Missouri have specific statutes […]

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What do you do if you’re injured because of a dangerous product? Well, all states have product liability laws and if a product has a dangerous condition, inherently in the product, and that dangerous condition existed at the time it left the control of the manufacturer, went through the various distributors like Amazon, or Costco, […]

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What do you do if you think you have a medical malpractice claim? Well, you need to research it, you need to look at it. Just because there’s a bad result doesn’t mean a doctor has committed negligence or breach the standard of medical care they should have afforded to you. So, a bad result […]

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What do you do if a dangerous condition of property hurts you or a family member or friend? Well, you have a claim against that landowner or the store or the place you were going when that occurs. Whether it’s a property in a rural area, in the country, whether it’s an urban street or […]

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What do you do if you have an on-the-job injury and you get fired as a result of exercising your benefits under the work comp laws? Well, that’s a violation of the Missouri law. An employer cannot take an adverse employment action against you because you’re making a claim at a work comp, you have […]

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