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Our Incredible Client’s Story I would like to share with you a little bit about my amazing client Ramona Fortner. I represent her in an automobile accident that we are settling right now. That is not the point of this story. Ramona was doubly stricken with two tragedies. She has lost two of her children […]

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New(s) Story about $113 Million Verdict The consequences of our large verdict against the State are still being felt. Chris Hayes of Fox 2 News did an extensive report on the case last week. Here is a link to the video. One of my quotes: “They’re the biggest police – they’re the biggest officer force […]

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Below, I discuss a truck crash case we just concluded and a settlement of a case in Illinois showing the dangers of electing Supreme Court Judges. But first, an update on the $113 Million Verdict in the Correction officer class action case. We filed an extensive Motion to Amend the Judgment, Approve a Distribution Plan […]

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That the DOC has decided its employees are “at will” is really ironic. They have an incredible history of retaliating against their employees for complaining about unlawful working conditions. Two weeks ago we obtained a $113 Million verdict against them for failing to fully pay their corrections officers. We also obtained a declaratory judgment that […]

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It’s a tough day for Labor. Regardless of your point of view, the rules governing employers and workers rights are changing. Labor has taken hits in many other states and 2018 seems the year from the legislature for Missouri. Although, workers won in the August election. Labor and Unions certainly are not as celebrated or […]

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Last Wednesday, a Cole County Jury returned a verdict for $113,714,632.00 for the class of Corrections Officers I represent. This was the latest chapter in a case I have litigated for years. From my voir dire, through opening, 16 live witnesses, the defense case and closing, it was a true pleasure to see our civil […] Continue Reading
Gary Burger of Burger Law and assisted by Mike Flannery and Katie Van Dyck of Cuneo, Gilbert, and LaDuca. Gary Burger stated, “I am proud to have been able to represent these hard working and honorable men and women corrections officers fight the Missouri Department of Correction’s dishonorable system. We hope this verdict tells the […] Continue Reading
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