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Our client, Mack, stopped at a deli on the Hill to grab lunch and after he parked and got out of his truck, realized he left his keys inside the truck. Mack reached into his car and another car crashed into his open door. The streets are narrow in the Hill – especially at lunch […]

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st louis premises liability lawyer

Mike was sitting on a retaining wall at a housing complex when it collapsed. He was hurt badly, but the defendants offered next to nothing for his injuries and we argued with them for months. In a deposition, the corporate designee conceded that they had no process to check the safety of the retaining walls […]

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st louis opioid epidemic lawyer

CVS –the retail pharmacy chain most known for its move to stop selling cigarettes in 2014 has made another bold move. With the growing use of opiates, CVS is looking to help combat the epidemic by limiting opioid prescriptions to a 7-day supply. Larry J. Merlo, the President and CEP of CVS Health stated the […]

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st louis car accident lawyer

I wrote a while back about my client Will and said that I would give an update on the matter. In my last update, we requested the depositions of the defendants, who settled the day before the defendants’ deposition, and after Will was very persuasive at his depo. Will testified that after his car was hit, […]

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Depositions, or question and answer periods with live witnesses, are key to resolving cases during litigation. At Burger Law, we take depositions very seriously. We prepare our clients for their depositions using videos, plus phone and in person interviews. My team also researches for defendants’ depositions, leaving nothing to chance. People remark that I push […]

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st louis worker compensation claims form

What are the biggest mistakes to avoid in your Missouri workers’ compensation claim? Well, I have them in a chapter in our book on workers’ compensation. I wrote “Workers’ Compensation in Missouri.” I wrote this. We published it on the website. You can download it for free there. In Chapter 6 of that, we talked […]

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Missouri is home to a lot of animals. With a large farming community, cows and other livestock can wander out onto the roads and cause wrecks. Dogs and cats can also cause car accidents when they stray too far from home.   In addition to these animals, Missouri also has a large wildlife population that includes fox, geese and deer—all of which pose a risk to drivers. […]

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