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Posted in Blog on September 13, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer

When you have lost a loved one in a tragedy such as a fatal car accident, workplace catastrophe, or the willful act of a malicious person, it is natural to experience a wide range of emotional reactions. One action you have the power to take after your loved one is killed is to file a wrongful death suit. Filing for wrongful death allows you to hold the person accountable for ending your loved one’s life and also provides a source of financial compensation for you and your family to meet your needs after the accident and honor the lost life of your loved one.

If you have a wrongful death claim, you need a wrongful death lawyer who knows how to handle and win claims like yours. The St. Louis wrongful death attorneys of Burger Law are here to stand by your side and lead your fight for accountability and recovery. We have won millions of dollars for St. Louis wrongful death victims and other injury victims throughout Missouri and Illinois. Contact us now by calling (314) 500-HURT to find out how we can help you and to receive a free consultation.

Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer

You only have one chance to make the person who ended your loved one’s life pay for what they have done and to receive monetary damages that alleviate your financial concerns for yourself and your family after the accident. To make sure you have the best chance of obtaining a full recovery, you need to find a skilled wrongful death attorney who has experience winning cases like yours.

There are many qualified wrongful death lawyers and law firms to choose from in St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri and Illinois areas. You will have to make the decision that is best for you and find the wrongful death lawyer you feel most comfortable with. A great wrongful death lawyer will do the following for you.

What a wrongful death lawyer can do for your case

Take the workload off of your plate. Rely on your wrongful death lawyer to handle all the administrative and other aspects of your case so you can focus on the things that matter to you. We have a fully staffed firm of legal professionals who can handle filing the proper paperwork, communicating with the defense and other parties involved, obtaining evidence to make your case, and other clerical tasks.

Know the value of your claim. As an experienced attorney who has been handling cases like yours for more than two decades, your Burger Law wrongful death lawyer in St. Louis knows how to properly calculate the value of your claim. Without this experience, it is next to impossible to understand the monetary value of damages like pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of support. Even when it comes to economic damages like medical bills and loss of income and benefits, your lawyer will make sure that every dollar is accounted for and that you and your family are demanding what your case is truly worth.

Make your case. This is what you hire your lawyer to do. A strong wrongful death attorney in St. Louis is prepared to go to any lengths to make sure you get what you and your family deserve. This includes collecting evidence; presenting an argument for negligence, fault, and damages; negotiating a settlement with the defense; and taking your case to trial in front of a jury of your peers if necessary. The litigation and trial experience of your wrongful death lawyer greatly increases your chances of success in your wrongful death suit.

Offer support and guidance. One of the most valuable things your lawyer can do for you is to simply be there for you and your family. We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time. You have lost someone you love suddenly and tragically, and now you have to deal with the legal process of your wrongful death suit. The St. Louis wrongful death attorneys of Burger Law take our responsibility of representing and counseling mourning families very seriously and we understand that sometimes what you need from us most is encouragement, a kind word, or a hand to hold. We are here for you. We can provide you with sound legal advice on your options and the best course of action to take and we can listen when you need to unload. The role of your wrongful death attorney is one we wear with honor.

Your Wrongful Death Attorney St. Louis | Burger Law

After you have lost a loved one in a tragic accident or intentional act, Burger Law is here for you. Our experienced and accomplished wrongful death lawyers are ready to argue your case, negotiate a settlement, and fight for you in the trial if necessary to get the outcome you deserve from your Missouri or Illinois wrongful death claim.

Find out what we can do to help you and your family with a free consultation with a real wrongful death lawyer in St. Louis. We are available by phone at (314) 500-HURT or online here.