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st louis car accident lawyer

We are happy to say that we settled an automobile claim for our client, Darius. We had already settled his workers’ comp claim stemming from the same accident. The accident occurred in September 2015, when Darius was riding his motorcycle and a car turned right in front of him from the left lane, causing injuries […]

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st louis texting while driving accident

In Tennessee, if you use a phone while driving—not on speakerphone mode—in a school zone, you will be charged with a Class C misdemeanor. We drafted an article covering the danger of distractions while driving, including using a cell phone, and how they contribute to fatal accidents. You can read more about other new laws […]

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st louis personal injury lawyer

The firm recently settled a case involving a client, Jake, who sustained an injury in Illinois while driving a golf cart. His brother was on the phone while driving his own golf cart and crashed into Jake. Jake fractured both his fibula and tibia bones. It can often be uncomfortable when one family member has […]

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How do you know that a truck driver has violated the rules of the road or violated the federal or state guidelines that govern them? Well, what you do is first of all you quickly and thoroughly investigate the case. We get the logbooks from the defendant driver. We make sure he was logging his […]

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st louis sexual assault lawyer

My client and I were recently interviewed by a reporter from BuzzFeed for a piece on the climate of harassment at Massage Envy. We represented a client in a sexual assault case against Massage Envy. She went to a local franchise for a massage, fell asleep on the table, and woke up to the masseur […]

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Why is it important to take pictures in a car crash case? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons. You want to memorialize that information for later. You won’t remember exactly how the property damage was. You will be sure that the defendant’s insurance company will be taking pictures of their property damage, and in Missouri […]

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