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Eye Injury LawyerSt. Louis & Illinois

Fighting to make sure Missori and Illinois residents recieve the care they need

Eye Injury Lawyer St. Louis

Eye Injuries Attorney in St Louis. Many things can cause hazards resulting in eye injuries in the workplace. Regardless of whether it’s a slip and fall, flying object, or anything in between, the consequences of an injury to the eye is severe and can create catastrophic damages. The eye injury lawyers at Burger Law are proud to serve victims in the Greater St Louis area with superior guidance and support throughout their workers comp claims.

Gary Burger

Gary Burger | Trial Attorney

Gary Burger is devoted to helping injury victims recover from devastating accidents in Missouri and Illinois. Gary practices all areas of personal injury law and has been successful in providing financial recovery while aiding in the protection of our clients’ future.

Gary Burger's Awards

Burger Law has the experience and expert medical resources to recover maximum compensation for eye injury victims. Gary Burger and his associates are driven to help injury victims and their families recover for financial losses, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. To get started on your recovery, contact Burger Law for your free case evaluation by calling (314) 648-8348 or complete our online contact form.

Eye Injury Attorney St. Louis, Missouri

Can a Lawyer help with my Eye Injury?

There is a full range of eye injuries that can occur in the workplace including chemical eye burns, blurred and double vision, optical radiation, eyestrain, detached retinas, and even blindness. It is imperative that your employer enforces and trains staff on workplace safety. If you’ve endured an eye injury due to negligent conditions at your job site, Gary Burger and associates can review your case and provide you with the highest quality of representation. When you let Burger Law take care of your eye injuries case we will ensure that you receive full benefits and quality medical care. Our eye injury attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis and you are not expected to pay any fees unless we win your case.

The eye injury lawyers at Burger Law offer legal services throughout the Greater Missouri and Illinois region. If you’d like to learn more about eye injuries at work, work safety compliance rules, or anything in between, contact the Burger Law firm today. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality of advice, support, and litigation.

Our Eye Injury Lawyers are dedicated to providing eye injuries clients with expert legal advice and counseling. If you’ve been in a work accident and believe that your accident may fall under another category, please choose from the below.


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