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Love in the Time of Corona

We presented a great CLE two Fridays ago - attended by over 100 lawyers. Phil Tatlow presented on ERISA, I did a talk on resolving Liens, and Dave Crawford and I did an ethics sessi...

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Pandemic Court Schedules

Courts have closed all over the area. Here's an article on the Missouri Supreme Court's response to the pandemic. How do you know what each one is doing? The Missouri Supreme Cour...

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CLE – How NOT to have your expert struck

Taking a treater's depo and worried about foundation? Naming a bunch of defense experts and wondering if plaintiff's counsel is going to try to strike some of them? Not really sure ...

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Consumer Collection Lawsuits – Part II

Last email newsletter i wrote about consumer debt and how our courts are clogged with collection suits by large credit card and debt companies against Americans. The numbers don�...

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Defendant’s Medical Records in Illinois

Cannot get Defendant's Medical records in Illinois At the end of 2018 the Illinois Supreme Court delivered an opinion that leaves a lot of questions for Plaintiffs going into the...

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Tort Deform – 2019

With the new year comes a new political landscape for attorneys and their clients. Since this time last year, Missouri has seen changes in Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney Ge...

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Advanced Trial Law

Advanced Trial LawPersonal Injury Lawyer Can you submit a case to a jury on two different legal theories? Q: Do you have to elect your remedy before going to the ju...

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What Happens When You File a Lawsuit

Hi, I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. We’ve spent the last week or so at the firm filing a lot of lawsuits, and my clients asked me, “Why are we filing a lawsuit? Why are we doin...

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What Happens During Litigation?

So, once we file a lawsuit, many of my clients ask me, “What happens in litigation? How does it proceed? What do we do?” I’m Gary Burger from Burger Law, and we have different...

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Lawsuits in the US

Tort Reform in Missouri With Governor Greitens' tort reform measures going into effect in about a month, I looked at the impact of personal injury lawsuits on courts in Missouri an...

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