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What are the biggest mistakes to avoid in your Missouri workers’ compensation claim? Well, I have them in a chapter in our book on workers’ compensation. I wrote “Workers’ Compensation in Missouri.” I wrote this. We published it on the website. You can download it for free there. In Chapter 6 of that, we talked […]

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Rodney: I’m here with John Burns, one of our attorneys here at Burger Law. So John, tell us about your last week here. What have you gotten done? I know you got a couple of big things though. John: Yeah, some of the couple of cases. Got some great recoveries for a few clients which […]

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Should you hire Burger Law to be your workers’ compensation attorney? Well, it depends. If you have a small workers’ compensation claim, your employer’s taking care of you, your medical’s paid and they come to you and they say, “Hey, we want to offer you some money as a lump sum disability payment to settle […]

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Hi! I’m Gary Burger from Burger Law. I wanted to do a short video on Facebook Live. It’s the last workday of 2017, and I wanted to thank my clients, family and friends, and the client, family and friends of all the folks that work here for a great 2017. And, to share some of […]

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Why is it important to take pictures in a car crash case? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons. You want to memorialize that information for later. You won’t remember exactly how the property damage was. You will be sure that the defendant’s insurance company will be taking pictures of their property damage, and in Missouri […]

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