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Knowing how and when to object is a critical part of any trial. How often should you object? Does your objection affect the trial? How do the jury and judge see objections? In this video Gary and his mom, Joan Burger, discuss objections during a trial and how and when to object.

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Law School doesn’t always properly prepare you for trial, so what can you do to learn the critical skills necessary for trial. Who should you get to know to make things easier in the court room? What can paralegals do for you? In this episode: Gary and his mom, lawyer and judge Joan Burger, discuss […]

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How are motions approved? What type of motions should you make? How concise should you be with your facts and your case? Are the jury and experts affected when you spend to much time on one fact, or if you over explain your facts? In this Video, Gary is once again joined by Joan Burger, […]

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How should you present a deposition at a trial? What is the process you should use to keep the jury’s attention so that they stay invested in the trial and the facts you are sharing? Are there certain techniques or pacing strategies you can use to keep the jury centered on your facts and perspective […]

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So excited to have my Mom working hard with me at the firm. She and I did three episodes of our Lawyer v. Lawyer podcast together. We discuss a wide range of topics about litigation strategy and techniques. Podcast gold. Click below to access them. Part one Part two Part three Here’s a video she […]

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A new study ranks the deadliest stretches of highway in Metropolitan St. Louis area. The highway on the top of the list might be surprising. It is not 270, 44 or 55. The deadliest highway is a half mile stretch of Page Ave in Wellston, St. Louis, between Sutter and R.M. Moore Avenues. A small […]

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Bikes for Kids is giving away a bike to a deserving child this holiday season! For those of you who don’t know, Bikes for Kids is Attorney Gary Burger’s way of aligning his values with his contribution to his community. He started this organization to provide young people who make a difference in their community […]

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