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Head-On Collisions

Head-on Collision Lawyer in St Louis. Head on collisions are one of the most serious car accidents and frequently result in severe injuries. You need a seasoned attorney who understa...

ATV Accident Settlements

ATV Accidents are More Common Than You Think Many people enjoy riding ATVs for recreational off-roading and getting around more rugged terrain. They are a useful vehicle, especially...

What do you do when a defendant in an auto crash and their insurance company refuses to settle a case or even communicate with you?

File, litigate and try the case.  This is what I did for the Smith- Washington family a few weeks ago.  On February 18, 2016, I tried their auto accident case in St. Clair County...

Gateway Pet Guardians

Our work with Gateway Pet Guardians continued up to today. We fostered an 8 year old cat, who was rescued in East St. Louis. Happily, she was adopted and had moved to a great ho...

The Importance of Documentation in a Personal Injury Claim

The importance of documentation in a personal injury claim. When you're injured by the negligence of another, proper documentation is essential for ensuring that you receive the...

Third Party Liability in Construction Accidents

Third Party Liability in Construction Accidents. If you have been injured in a construction accident, you may be wondering who exactly is at fault for your injuries. While you know ...

Punitive Damages in Drunk Driving Accidents in Missouri and Illinois

Punitive Damages in Drunk Driving Accidents in Missouri and Illinois. When you are injured in a drunk driving accident, it is a good idea to sue the driver so you can receive co...

When a Doctor is Liable for Cerebral Palsy

When a doctor is liable for cerebral palsy. When doctors or hospitals break the rules and provide substandard levels of care, it can have a devastating effect on you and your fa...

Freedom Suits Memorial Project

Freedom Suits Memorial Project The Freedom Suits Memorial Project is dedicated to 400 courageous slaves who filed suit in Missouri Courts for their freedom and were assisted ...

Back to Back Settlements!

Tyler and Jennifer have been working hard! We were able to get back-to-back settlements for several clients this past week. Client A We represented Client A on an accident on ...


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