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Posted in Blog on December 21, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

Burger Law Volunteer Day

On November 19, the firm and I took the afternoon off to do a volunteer day at Gateway Pet Guardians. We spent the day cleaning and setting up some dog houses and cat towers. These items were given to the shelter from Chewy.

They have a great deal with them that any returned item Chewy receives goes directly to the shelter; people can visit Gateway Pet Guardian and get new toys, beds, and more at discounted prices. All purchases go immediately back to the shelter as a form of donations.

Gateway Pet Guardians' goal is to keep pets and people together. They provide life-saving operations for animals in need and a place for the community to have the resources to keep their pets; this includes a free pet food pantry and a free spay/neuter program.

I've been involved with Gateway Pets Guardians for a while now, so I was happy to bring my team to the shelter for the day. They were all excited to participate and are looking forward to coming again to help them out in the future.

Organizations like this need all the help they can get; they are really changing lives for the better, which is why I've included where you can make a donation. These donations help keep their programs going, and more animals can find their forever homes. To donate, click here.